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Five Books of Adam


Occurrences:  6 - Commentary only



See:  Abel, Adaam, Adamic Council, Methuselah I, Seth


Summary:  According to Azrael’s Commentary, the “Five Books of Adam” was a compilation of teachings and writings of Abel and Adam. Early source material for the books came from Abel, who had written down the teachings of his father. Seth, the eighteenth son of Adam and Eve, compiled the writings of Abel and the teachings of Adam into five books, which came to be known as the “Five Books of Adam”. The books were used and preserved by the Adaam for generations during the first dispensation. Methuselah I taught from the “Five Books” extensively, having received a copy in his youth from his father, Enoch. According to the Commentary, Methuselah was buried on Mount Tabor with a copy of the “Five Books of Adam”.



Azrael’s Commentary — Abel (Earth)

[Abel was] the second son of Adam and Eve; murdered by his elder brother (Cain) out of jealousy and envy. As a young man, Abel began writing down the teachings of his father. These writings later became the early source material to the Five Books of Adam. Abel also kept a journal of his family life which he called: The Chronicles of Paradise. [...]


Azrael’s Commentary — Seth

The eighteenth son of Adam and Eve. Beginning at an early age, Seth began to carefully gather the writings of Abel and compile them together with the writings of his father Adam. It was Seth who organized the teachings of Adam into five books, always being careful to ask his father if there were any inaccuracies. These five books became known among the Adaam as the Five Books of Adam. From these five books, Seth taught the children of God. [...]


Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic Council

[...] It was at this council that Father Adam gave into the keeping of Seth, the Five Books of Adam. This act of giving took place before the entire assembly and signified to the majority of the Adaam, that Seth had been set apart and designated by Adam as the new head of the Adamic family.

And while the gathering of the Adaam was for the most part peaceful up to and including the ascension of Adam and Eve, once Adam and Eve returned to God, Cain raised a strong objection to Seth holding the Five Books which his father had spent a lifetime writing. Cain claimed that he should be the new head of the Adaam by right of being the first born. But Gimel quickly opposed the claim, reminding the Adaam that Cain had murdered his father Abel, and that as a consequence of such an act, Adam had rightly appointed Seth in place of Cain.[...] (See: Adamic Council)


Azrael’s Commentary — Methuselah I

[...] With the successful re-unification of the Adamic family, Methuselah spent the rest of his long life in the land of Shittim (the area around the Sea of Galilee), traveling extensively throughout the settlements teaching from the Five Books of Adam. In his youth, these books were given to Methuselah as a gift from his father, Enoch. Methuselah died at the age of 969 years and was buried on Mount Tabor. A copy of the Five Books of Adam was buried with him. The books were placed in a beautifully carved stone box, which was placed at the feet of Methuselah.





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