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Pronunciation:  seth

Occurrences:  15

First Reference:  Beginnings 5:5


Behold, God shall not forget the righteousness of Abel; neither shall he forget the mother that bore him. Therefore, take heart my wife and rejoice, for unto you shall God give seed again. And you shall bear a son who shall be in the image of the godly, and you shall call his name Seth, for God has appointed him in the place of Abel, whom Cain slew with the hand of wickedness.



See:  Abraham, Adaam, Adamic Council, Hypatia, Sethian Empire


Summary:  The eighteenth son of Adam and Eve and mortal incarnation of Azraella Ahgendai (1:3:21-25), Seth was born according to a promise given by God following the unprecedented murder of Abel by his brother Cain (B:5:5-7,19-21). With the murder of Abel, the Council of Elohim sought to stabilize the first dispensation by petitioning the assistance of the Azraella Ahgendai, one of Heaven’s most powerful defenders (1:3:19-21; 6:8:24-31). The Azraella incarnated as Seth and was born in accordance with God’s promise to counter the evil of Cain by bringing forth a covenant people, a nation of priests and prophets that would arise through the seed of Seth. Hidden amidst the seed of Seth would be the seed of Abel, through which the Anointed One would come. Later, it was determined by God that the covenant be established and fulfilled through the man Abram (c. 1,700 BCE), who was subsequently given the name Abraham (B:24:10-16, 66-67).


Seth proved a constant source of joy and counsel for his parents. He assisted in compiling all the teachings and writings of Abel and his father, which later became known as the Five Books of Adam (AZC — Seth). Prior to the ascension of Adam and Eve, Seth was designated by Adam to lead the Adamic family (c. 11,845 BCE). However, once Adam and Eve were gone, Cain objected to Seth’s ordination, claiming that he should be the rightful leader, being the firstborn of Adam and Eve. A schism formed among the Adaam, and one third of them followed Cain back to the lands of Sumer, while the rest eventually followed Seth to the regions of the Nile in Egypt (AZC — Adamic Council; 1:3:22-24).


Seth established twelve great cities in Egypt, which cities prospered in righteousness to become perhaps the longest lasting empire in human history (1:3:25-28; AZC — Sethian Empire). Following the ascension of Seth, the peaceful kingdom eventually collapsed midst bitter war (c. 8,850 BCE, see AZC — Adami). A remnant of righteous citizens escaped the destruction and gathered with Enoch and eventually established the holy city of Zion (B:6:1—8:1; 1:3:29-30; W:29:6-7).



1st Endowment 3:19-30          Seth as an incarnation of the Azraella; the rise and fall of the Sethian Empire



Azrael’s Commentary — Seth

The eighteenth son of Adam and Eve. Beginning at an early age, Seth began to carefully gather the writings of Abel and compile them together with the writings of his father Adam. It was Seth who organized the teachings of Adam into five books, always being careful to ask his father if there were any inaccuracies. These five books became known among the Adaam as the Five Books of Adam. From these five books, Seth taught the children of God.


In 11,835 BCE (approx.), Seth led the majority of the Adamic Family to the lush and fertile lands of Egypt. At that time in earth’s history, Egypt was not a desert, but a land of mild climate, great rivers and gentle rains.


Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic Council

Adam and Eve gathered together their descendants in the garden of Eden (c. 11,845 BCE) at the event of their ascension into Heaven. At this great gathering of the Adamic family, there were approximately 90,000 people (AZC — Adamic Council).


It was at this council that Father Adam gave into the keeping of Seth, the Five Books of Adam. This act of giving took place before the entire assembly and signified to the majority of the Adaam, that Seth had been set apart and designated by Adam as the new head of the Adamic family.


And while the gathering of the Adaam was for the most part peaceful up to and including the ascension of Adam and Eve, once Adam and Eve returned to God, Cain raised a strong objection to Seth holding the Five Books which his father had spent a lifetime writing. Cain claimed that he should be the new head of the Adaam by right of being the first born. But Gimel quickly opposed the claim, reminding the Adaam that Cain had murdered his father Abel, and that as a consequence of such an act, Adam had rightly appointed Seth in place of Cain.


After several days of bickering, maneuvering and forming alliances, the Adamic family divided their loyalties. One third of the Adaam believed that Cain should be the rightful head of the family. These followed Cain back to Sumer. The rest of the Adamic family gathered their possessions and followed Seth into the lands of Egypt.




Behold, God shall not forget the righteousness of Abel; neither shall he forget the mother that bore him. Therefore, take heart my wife and rejoice, for unto you shall God give seed again. And you shall bear a son who shall be in the image of the godly, and you shall call his name Seth, for God has appointed him in the place of Abel, whom Cain slew with the hand of wickedness.

And God shall bless Seth, and his seed shall prosper and multiply upon the land, that there might be room found among the children of men for the sons and daughters of God, wherein they might come forth to dwell upon the earth.

Thus shall God establish from among the seed of Seth a peculiar people, a holy nation; even a nation of priests shall they be unto me. For God shall establish with them a covenant, that through them the words of God might be given unto the people of many nations.[...]

So shall God remove the evil of Cain from the face of the land. For through the seed of Seth shall the covenant come; and by the seed of Abel shall the Anointed One be given unto mankind whereby evil shall be done away.

Beginnings 5:5-7,12


10. Now, my Father, if it be according to your will, let us establish the way whereby all the promises which were given unto so many might be fulfilled according to your word.

11. For the time has come when we must establish the promise which was given concerning the seed of Seth and of Abel, his brother.

12. Therefore, let us call forth a man from among all the sons of men, and with him shall we establish a covenant, and all his seed shall be as that of Seth, who in the beginning walked in the ways of God.

13. And let us call from among his seed certain men who will walk among the chosen, that they might teach unto the children of promise all the ways of God.

14. And all they who shall go forth to do the works of righteousness, whereby evil shall be made to diminish from before the earth, even these shall become as the seed of Abel, seeing that they have made themselves of great worth to the children of men.

15. Therefore, seeing that so many shall be made to become as the seed of Seth by way of covenant, we shall hide in their inward part the seed of Abel, that they might be nurtured unto the Lord.

16. And on the day when we shall call forth to them to stand forth as prophets among the people, they shall arise from the midst of obscurity and proclaim aloud the words of God unto all the people.

Beginnings 24:10-16


Now my son, go forth and call unto the man Abram, that you might establish with him and his seed after him the covenant whereby all his seed shall become as the house of Seth.

That from the midst of this covenant people you might call forth prophets to speak to the nations, and these shall you establish to be as the seed of Abel, for surely they shall go among all the people to teach them concerning the ways of God.

Beginnings 24:66-67


Come then and this mystery receive, for in the beginning did Adam and Eve bring forth from the very Heavens, the first of the gnosis to seed among the tribes of man; and when they were planted, then came the minions of the Demiurge to uproot and to scatter what God had foreordained.

Yet did Seth, as faithful son, gather into one the teachings of his parents, to make from scattered shards of glowing light a brightly burning flame; which flame did hold at bay the darkness of the Demiurge; to become itself the star of Zion which to the Heavens fled, in the days of Yasher-Baal.

Wisdom 29:6-7

Sethian Empire