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Methuselah I


Pronunciation:  meh-THOO-seh-luh

Occurrences:  26

First Reference:  Beginnings 13:2


“Enoch, my son, go forth from the city of peace and take with you your son Methuselah, and go forth throughout the lands of Sumer and speak unto the people the words of comfort which I shall give you to speak.



See:  Adaam, Enoch, Elon Zanoah, Japhia, Larisha, Mahlon, Zion


Summary: (c. 8,850 — c. 7,881 BCE) Son of Enoch and Larisha, Methuselah became a renowned prophet throughout ancient Mesopotamia during the reign of Yasher-Baal. Methuselah and his wife, Japhia, were the only citizens of Zion who were not included among the ascension, having been divinely appointed to stay and minister unto the people, ensuring that the priesthood of God remain intact upon the earth (B:17:35-38). Methuselah made great efforts to re-unite the Adamic family — first, throughout the lands of Mesopotamia, then eventually in Egypt, where remnants of the Adaam had been scattered during the fall of the Sethian Empire. Methuselah and the Adaam established settlements around the Sea of Galilee, referred to then as the lands of Shittim (B:20:1). Scripture traces the Adamic lineage of Methuselah and Japhia until the birth of Noah (B:20:4-24), some 3,000 years later. Methuselah lived 969 years (AZC — Methuselah I).



Azrael’s Commentary - Methuselah I


The son of Enoch and Larisha. After the ascension of Zion, Methuselah received a commission from God to re-unite the descendants of Adam and Eve. So with the collapse of Yasher-Baal’s empire, Methuselah went throughout the lands of Mesopotamia preaching repentance and restoration. His one and only goal was to re-unite the Adamic family as represented by the followers of Seth and the followers of Cain.


Throughout the lands of Sumer, many of the Adaam who had been allied to Cain and Yasher-Baal during the rise to empire, found in the words of Methuselah a way of escape from the horrors of civil war (Beginnings 19:78-82). Many thousands gathered around Methuselah and followed him to a new land. This land was located in modern-day Israel. The Adaam settled around a beautiful lake, which today is known as the Sea of Galilee. However, in the days of Methuselah it was known as the land of Shittim.


Next, Methuselah journeyed to the lands of Egypt to find the scattered remnants of the Sethian Empire: those who had not followed Bashia and Adami when they journeyed east to meet Enoch. To these scattered remnants Methuselah preached repentance and restoration. From out of the lands of Egypt there followed after Methuselah many thousands of the Adaam who were eager to re-unite with their lost brothers and sisters and live in fullness the teachings of Father Adam and Mother Eve.


The mission of Methuselah in Mesopotamia lasted only forty years. The mission to Egypt lasted for 200 years. The reason for this disparity between missions is simple. The Adaam, who followed Cain and Yasher-Baal, were concentrated near the known cities of the Sumerian Empire. The Adamic remnants of the Sethian Empire were scattered far and wide throughout Egypt; and adding to this difficulty, the remnants of the Sethian Empire hid their settlements in an attempt to escape the wrath of their arch-enemy, Ahgah Eaton.


With the successful re-unification of the Adamic family, Methuselah spent the rest of his long life in the land of Shittim (the area around the Sea of Galilee), traveling extensively throughout the settlements teaching from the Five Books of Adam. In his youth, these books were given to Methuselah as a gift from his father, Enoch. Methuselah died at the age of 969 years and was buried on Mount Tabor. A copy of the Five Books of Adam was buried with him. The books were placed in a beautifully carved stone box, which was placed at the feet of Methuselah.



Significant Events


• Methuselah leaves Zion to accompany his father Enoch during his mission throughout the Sumerian Empire    B:13:2, 40

• After a seven year ministry, Enoch returns to Zion — Methuselah is ordained to continue preaching throughout the land            B:14:60-61

• Methuselah is kidnapped by soldiers of Remlah by the waters of Nod             B:15:19

• Methuselah is rescued by Elon Zanoah and his soldiers         B:15:21-22

• Methuselah publicly anoints Elon that he may be victorious over the armies of Yasher-Baal         B:15:26

• An angel counsels Methuselah regarding true liberty           B:16:1-29

• Methuselah chooses to support Elon, yet Elon and his men are defeated and killed by Yasher-Baal on the plains of Luzon            B:16:30-41

• Methuselah and his wife Japhia are chosen to remain behind after the ascension of Zion           B:17:35-38

• Methuselah dwells in the lands of Shittim, lives to be 969 years old                  B:20:1-5



Adamic lineage traced through Enoch       Beginnings 20:4-25


Enoch + Larisha

 Methuselah + Japhia   (birth of Methuselah: c. 8,850 BCE)








            Eleazar + Mishka

              Zanosh, Maciah + Jotham




                       Resha + Sheba




                               Ramsha + Haziel

                                 Methuselah (Bozdra) + Ziphia

                                   Lamech, Phiniah (brothers)

                                      Noah + Suzanne (cousins)    (birth of Noah: c. 5,000 BCE)

                                               Shem, Japheth, Ham, Cimbri







Refer to: Beginnings 13 — 20


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