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Pronunciation:  dowd

Occurrences:  11

First Reference:  2nd Endowment 1:53


Now in the stillness of the storm did there arise a great many murmurings and contentions. And Jehovah-Yahweh called unto the chief Doud whose name was Anchillicus, and he asked him, saying:



See:  Anchillicus, Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh, Kezan, Yaldabaoth

 The Doud are a demon-like species of Demiurge that are created, or emanated, by Yaldabaoth’s ten dark princes. Operating under the command of their master, the Doud are both intelligent and cunning. The Song of God introduces a chief Doud, born from the mind of Jehovah-Yahweh, named Anchillicus. Under the savage rule of his master, Anchillicus and his “legions of death and hell”, were commanded to keep a “frightful watch” over humans who would serve Jehovah-Yahweh (6:1:46).


The Doud are capable of emanating lesser demons called Kezan. Just as the Doud are made subordinate to their dark prince creator, the Kezan operate under the command of a chief Doud. During Yaldabaoth’s Second War against Heaven, vast hordes of the Doud were armed with spears and swords “made of darkest matter”, which weapons could penetrate the twelve dimensions of Heaven and destroy any angel unfortunate enough to be pierced (6:8:16).





But not this only, for Jehovah-Yahweh created from his own likeness a great many demons; placing over them the chief Doud whose name was Anchillicus; these then were made the legions of death and hell, keeping a frightful watch over such men and women as would serve Jehovah-Yahweh in fear and trembling.

6th Endowment 1:46


Now in the regions of the Void did Yaldabaoth create weapons of war for all his mighty hosts, each army being armed and fiercely trained; for each Doud did Yaldabaoth arm with spear and sword, made of darkest matter, which weapons could pierce at once the twelve dimensions of Heaven, to cast into oblivion the one who should be pierced.

6th Endowment 8:16


Now in the armies of Yaldabaoth did the sons of his mind command the host of many Douds, which Douds were the creation and emanation of the dark princes themselves, to serve as they command.

And the Douds, which were many, did also create and cause to emanate from themselves a vast host of the Kezan, which Kezan were themselves mindless and incapable of thought or fear; but were themselves driven by the blood of hate which coursed darkly through them, to goad and push them to constant battle...

This then proved the armies of Yaldabaoth, for Yaldabaoth commanded alone the Kalliform and all the dark princes together, while the dark princes did command each the Douds which they created, even as the Douds proved most bitter masters above the vast hordes of Kezan.

6th Endowment 11:54-55, 59

Doriel (Shem El Koreem)
Dracus (port)