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Pronunciation:  SO-fai-ehl

Occurrences:  27

First Reference:  Beginnings 23:46


And he shall teach all men to follow in the way of the Emmanuel and his Beloved, Sophiel. By his coming shall God put forth his hand to heal the distress of many nations, for he shall cause to be established the tabernacle of peace.



See:  El Shaloah (House of), Emmanuel, Heavenly Mother, Holy Spirit, Mary, Spirit            Refer to:  Wisdom 26


Summary:  Sophiel is the eternal Beloved of Emmanuel, and the spirit daughter of Sher-el and Michael, Chief Arch-Angels of the celestial Council of Elohim. In fulfilling her duties within the House of El Shaloah, Sophiel serves as the “Wisdom of God” and the “Spirit of Truth” unto all of humankind. In observing her role within the Office of the Holy Spirit, Sophiel manifests as the Heavenly Mother, the Comforter and Great Mother Spirit unto all spirit children living the mortal life on this earth.


While her Beloved (serving in the office of Emmanuelite) incarnates to exemplify and confirm the teachings of the dispensational leaders, Sophiel (serving in the office of the Holy Spirit) whispers into the hearts and minds of her children, inspiring, guiding, and bearing witness to us that the life and teachings of the Emmanuel represent the surest way to spiritual fulfillment.


According to Azrael’s Commentary, “In some instances, a Heavenly Mother might choose to enter a specific mortality just to be with her Beloved and to aid him as he sets about fulfilling his divine commission. This tradition first began with Abbahdon and Gaia, and continued in the lives of Yeshua and Mary” (AZC — El Shaloah / El Shalon: Emmanuelite and Holy Spirit).


As Yeshua ben Joseph was the mortal manifestation of Emmanuel, Mary of Bethany was the mortal manifestation of Sophiel.


Having previously achieved their exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom, Sophiel and Emmanuel were initiated into their respective Houses to begin the path of becoming Heavenly Parents. As Souls of the Just Made Perfect, Sophiel and Emmanuel embraced the responsibilities pertaining to the first of five offices:













Within their respective Houses, both Sophiel and Emmanuel work under the direction of the dispensational leaders, who as Arch-Angels, represent the full authority of the Elohim.



Divine Lineage of Sophiel and Emmanuel


    Areta — Supreme Mother of All                                    The One — Supreme Father of All                        

          Galendriel — Mother Ahman of Elohim                          Noeiel (Ahman) — Father Ahman of Elohim

                  Sher-el — Chief Aretakai of Elohim                              Michael — Chief Archon of Elohim

                          Sophiel — Office of the Holy Spirit                              Emmanuel — Office of Emmanuelite    



Other Designations Referring to Sophiel


Holy Spirit (33)                Comforter (4)                         Spirit (67)  

Spirit of the Lord (5)        Spirit of God (24)                   Spirit of Promise (2)

Spirit of Truth (5)             Great Mother Spirit (8)           Spirit of Righteousness (1)



Adapting the Process

Certain aspects of dispensationalism and the responsibilities of Sophiel and Emmanuel have been adapted in order to accommodate the unique and unprecedented circumstances presented by this world, the world of the First Power. Many differences exist when comparing dispensationalism on this world, and the dispensation process overseen on a world made by God, like the mortal world of Terralee (see 4th Endowment). For more information on this topic, see “Adapting the Process”.



Sophiel and the World of the First Power  (E:7:1-58; E:8:1-5)

Sophiel’s first interaction in the world of the First Power is recorded in the book of Enlightenment. Prior to Shaemdiel’s fall and eviction, Sophiel was commissioned by Galendriel, the Mother Ahman of Elohim, to establish a secure pathway from the Celestial Kingdom to the world of the First Power. In performing this task, Sophiel confronted the Demiurge prince, Jehovah-Yahweh, who had previously established his dark dominion throughout all the earth, proclaiming himself as god and ruler of all which lived. Sophiel’s sudden and unexpected presence proved a great disturbance to Jehovah-Yahweh, and despite his efforts to surround and intimidate her, the dark prince proved unable to trouble the Holy Spirit of God.


Sophiel withstood the raging Demiurge in silence throughout the day, but when the evening came, she spoke to Jehovah-Yahweh, introducing herself as the Spirit of Truth while referring to the prince as “‘Shecklas’, Father of Ignorance and vain deceit, the Blinded One...filled with strong delusion” (E:7:17-19). After Sophiel mocked Jehovah for his empty boasts and impotent power, the Demiurge attempted once again to destroy her, but Sophiel continued to smile in calmness, deflecting his attacks with graceful ease. After directing his anger towards the earth, Sophiel touched the burned and broken land with her foot, healing and refreshing all that Jehovah had destroyed. A multitude of plants and flowers sprang up throughout the earth, including trees “whose greening powers never fail” (E:7:32-34; 7:3:30). There also came from Sophiel’s hands an exquisite rainbow, symbolizing the promise that God had set forth his seal upon the children of men.


After Sophiel ascended, to return to the Celestial Kingdom, Jehovah-Yahweh made efforts to re-establish his dominion over the children of men, focusing his wrath upon the women of the earth, as they reminded him of the Holy Spirit who had “confounded him every whit” (E:7:48-53). In his fear of the woman and her power, Jehovah-Yahweh commanded they be subjugated and scorned by the men of the earth, threatening death and destruction to all who would not comply to his harsh demands.


Upon her return to the realms of Elohim, Sophiel was commended and honored for successfully establishing a pathway through time to the world of the First Power. Seraphim were placed throughout the veils of countless ages to guard and secure the pathway from the Chief Demiurge, Yaldabaoth (E:8:1-5). Details pertaining to the nature of the pathway are not revealed, however, this portal was likely used by Sophiel in initiating the dream state to evolutionary humans, specifically the women (E:7:56-58; 7:3:31). Perhaps this same pathway was utilized by Michael and Sher-el and the small Celestial contingent who initiated the first dispensation of God under the leadership of Adam and Eve (ca. 12,775 BCE).


Sophiel is recognized as a heroine by Areta, the Supreme Mother of Heaven. Her victory over Jehovah-Yahweh is commemorated by believers during the Winter Festival of Lights (7:3:30-32). Mahaleenah Kai-Lucia is also considered a heroine, having defended the daughters of Shaemdiel against the fury and wrath of Jehovah-Yahweh (6:6:47—7:45; 7:3:33-34).



Significant Passages

Wisdom 26                        Sophiel's message to humankind

Enlightenment 7                 Sophiel confronts Jehovah-Yahweh in the realms of the First Cosmos

Pearl 10                             “The Eternal gives birth to all things...”

Pearl 29                             Prayer to the Great Mother


Other Relevant Passages

Beginnings 29:23-29          Sariah's prayer to the Great Mother

Wisdom 14:19-61               Becoming as Souls of the Just Made PerfectEmmanuel describes the process

Wisdom 24–25                   Exaltation of the Righteous — Becoming as Emmanuel and Sophiel

Enlightenment 4                 Sophiel gathers with Heavenly Mothers seeking counsel from Galendriel

4th Endowment 8:30-39      Mother Evelah's message (first dispensation on the world of Terralee)

6th Endowment 6:50~        Jehovah-Yahweh is haunted by memories of Sophiel when confronted by Mahaleenah

7th Endowment 3:30-32     Areta, the Supreme Mother of Heaven, recognizes Sophiel as a heroine




The Holy Spirit is no less than the office of the Heavenly Mother, and that it is she who inspires and guides us through our mortal life experience.

Basic Beliefs #9

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(words of Emmanuel)

And with my Father did I covenant to prepare the way whereby exaltation should come upon the obedient and the faithful. And in the meridian of time was I, even Emmanuel, born of a woman, to enter again the veil of mortality, that I might walk among the children of men unto whom the promise was given, that I might teach them the way in which they should go.

And that woman unto whom I was sealed in the beginning, even Sophiel who is likened unto the wisdom of God, even she became unto the children of men the Great Mother Spirit that bears witness of the truth in all things.

And throughout all the days of my probation did she dwell upon me, to bring me to a remembrance of many covenants, that I might fulfill the promises given unto the children of men through the spirit of promise.

Wisdom 14:48-50


Now Sophiel returned unto the heavenly hosts, and to Galendriel gave full account of all that she saw and did in the world of the First Power;

For unto the Holy Spirit was there given authority to swiftly go seeking, that perchance a pathway to the First World might be determined and established all about.

And Galendriel, being pleased in every particular, commended Sophiel and by a goodly grace did honor her, and midst a chorus of heavenly praise did set her again among the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

Enlightenment 8:1-3


For there is given you already a good example which would encourage, for in the beginning did Sophiel stand alone against Jehovah-Yahweh, and did herself claim a brightly shining victory against the darkness of this world; bringing forth to be a symbol, the ever greening tree to be a tree of life.

Thus shall Sophiel prove the first heroine who came quick to defend the children of First Man; to prove for them a guiding spirit filled with goodness, to become herself the giver of dreams and subtle influence whereby she might prepare this world for the coming forth of mighty dispensations.

Let it then be seen appropriate to festoon your home with pine boughs dressed in light, and this during the Winter Festival of Lights; let pine boughs adorn the corners and the walls, on shelf and mantel piece let pine boughs and twinkling lights fill your home with cheer; to commemorate throughout your generations the victory of Sophiel over fierce and dread Jehovah.

7th Endowment 3:30-32

Soul of the Just

Offices of House El Shaloah (Matriarchal)

1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

2.  Perfected Soul

3.  Artificer

4.  Holy Spirit

5.  Great Mother Spirit

Offices of House El Shalon (Patriarchal)

1.  Soul of the Just Made Perfect

2.  Perfected Soul

3.  Artificer

4.  Emmanuelite

5.  Chief Artificer