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Pronunciation:  shehr-EHL

Occurrences:  13 - ‘Sher-el’         ‘his/his own Beloved’  - 6

First Reference:  Beginnings 17:33  (Sher-el)  /  Beginnings 1:5 (Beloved of Michael)


Behold now the Beloved of Michael, even the Ancient of Days, and doubt not. For I am Sher-el of Valhaladea, even Eve the mother of all living.



See:  Arch-Angel, Aretakai, Elohim, Eve, Heavenly Mother, Michael, Valhaladea


Summary:  Sher-el is a presiding mother Goddess of the Council of Elohim, serving as the Chief Aretakai of House Valhaladea. She is the Beloved wife of Michael the Arch-Angel, daughter of co-Ahmans, Galendriel and Noeiel, and the Heavenly Mother of Emmanuel and Sophiel (B:17:33). She and Michael were appointed as the Chief Arch-Angels of Elohim, following the rebellion and eviction of Shaemdiel, who, with his Beloved Rutheniel, had previously held the position.


As the Chief Arch-Angels of Elohim, Michael and Sher-el were appointed to oversee the seven dispensations of God on this world — referred to as the world of the First Power. In addition, they were chosen to establish the first dispensation, to manifest themselves as Adam and Eve, and lay the foundations of civilization among the Enoshahim (evolutionary modern humans) in order to prepare the way for the incarnation of spirit children (6:3:44-45; 6:7:48-56; W:16:46). This crucial task was foreknown to be fraught with challenge, as both the Demiurge and the Fallen had previously claimed the earth and humankind as their own and were battling amongst themselves for dominion.


During the Second War against the Demiurge, Sher-el and her Beloved organized and led volunteers to go to the aid of the Ahgendai Goddess, Mahaleenah, during the battle of Gilliahmas (6:10:1-38). Together, they led forty other Arch-Angels in defending Mahaleenah against the massive armies of the Demiurge (6:11:32—6:12:63).


Scripture relates only a single incident in which Sher-el, in her divine form, communes with mortal humans. Prior to Yasher-Baal’s second siege against the holy city of Zion, Sher-el descended to comfort and counsel Bashia and the high priestesses who were praying in the temple. During the auspicious visitation, Sher-el assures the Matriarchy that Zion would be delivered from the evils of Yasher-Baal. In addition, Sher-el reveals the importance of getting the woman Japhia outside the walls of Zion, to unite with her husband Methuselah, thereby ensuring the Matriarchal and Patriarchal priesthood remain intact upon the earth (B:17:26-50).



Divine Lineage of Sher-el                                                         

     Areta — Supreme Mother of All                               

            Galendriel —  Mother Ahman of Elohim                              

                   Sher-el — Chief Aretakai of Elohim

                          Sophiel — Holy Spirit / Great Mother Spirit



Significant Events


Beginnings 17:26-50             Sher-el communes with the high priestesses of Zion          


5th Endowment 16:1-41         Sher-el and Michael attempt to console Shaemdiel amidst Yaldabaoth’s first attack


6th Endowment 7:47-57         Sher-el and Michael are appointed to initiate the first dispensation on the world of the First Power


6th Endowment 10:1-38         Michael and Sher-el During the Second War, Michael and Sher-el petition Ahman to convene the Elohim and call for volunteers to assist the Ahgendai


6th Endowment 11:32-51       Michael and Sher-el lead forty Arch-Angels and a heavenly host to aid Mahaleenah at the battle of Gilliahmas





And the Ancient of Days spoke unto the Teacher a great parable, saying: “In the beginning did Michael and his Beloved together dream, and Adam and Eve came unto the earth that God might breathe into man the breath of life, whereby the children of men might possess a living soul.

Beginnings 1:5


Now this great Prince, even Michael, determined the season in which the spirits of men, whether male or female, might go forth unto the earth. And when the time appointed drew nigh, Michael did come down unto the earth with his Beloved, clothed in the flesh of mortality, even in the skins of animals, that the world might receive the spirits which Emmanuel did fashion according to his love for Sophiel, even the Great Mother Spirit.

Wisdom 16:46


Which thing caused that First Man should seek for some deliverance against the bitter judgments of the Demiurge; and in the time appointed, we did send unto the earth even Michael that he might establish the first of many dispensations.

And he did walk upon the earth to dwell among the children of men, and there was with him his own Beloved, and Adam and Eve prospered upon the earth throughout all the days of their sojourn, teaching unto the children of men an abundance of goodly things.

1st Endowment 2:17-18


Yet of those who would come as Adam and Eve do I know full well, having myself plumbed their depths, and their resolve have I fully measured; for in Michael and Sher-el have I found no degree of variance regarding the deeper mysteries of God, being themselves relentless in the living of their faith.

Thus in the diligence of Adam and Eve shall the Demiurge fail in forcing God from the world of First Man; causing that the dispensations of light should roll forth throughout the darkness, lifting high what now seems common, making noble what now seems naught.

6th Endowment 3:44-45


For there gathered in solemn assembly even all the Elohim at once together, each according to their quorum, each within their House; and between the great temples, upon a sea of blue sapphire did they array themselves for counsel.

And there was it appointed by Ahman and Galendriel that Michael and Sher-el should go themselves to the world of the First Power, and there begin the dispensations of God, for they desired to bring about the designs of Areta and The One; being hopeful themselves that in the doing they might reclaim the very Fallen, to bring them home again.

6th Endowment 7:47-48


Now in the first war of Heaven did Michael and Sher-el prove themselves most valiant in withstanding Shaemdiel who would take by force the Hodos Alea and the very Keep besides; causing that Michael and Sher-el should be appointed to initiate the dispensations of God.

But if they would continue in the world of the First Power, to move throughout the dispensations, then must they also meet the criteria which the Azraella had established; not knowing beforehand the standard to be met, causing that they should trust in faith and hope together, committing themselves to the will of God till the day of testing come.

Now in going to the world of the First Power would Adam and Eve prove the trigger which would set in motion most dire events, though they themselves did not know it, neither did the Elohim possess forewarning; for even all were made most eager and filled with joy in establishing the dispensations of Hodos Alea.

So was it appointed by the Elohim that Michael and Sher-el should go to the world so far beyond, which very world was uncreated by God; having likewise appointed six others which would head dispensations of their own, having proven themselves worthy of every honor, even as Michael and Sher-el.

6th Endowment 7:53-56

Shevas (House of)