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Pronunciation:  SO-lee  —  EHN-dee  —  moo-HAHT

Occurrences:  11

First Reference:  6th Endowment 12:1


At the Cleft of Soli-Endi-Muhat did Azraella gather together the 700,000 to prepare the place of battle, being himself most well informed concerning the struggles at Gilliahmas; having been informed by the Kragenjin regarding the death of Emanu-Elish and the coming forth of Yaldabaoth upon the trysting field.



See:  Absolute Zero, Celestial Kingdom, Factor X, Second War              Refer to:  6th Endowment 12—13


Summary:  At the center point of the Surinatha (the cosmos of Heaven), there exists a special type of singularity referred to in Azrael’s Commentary as “Factor X” (AZC — Eternal Round: 3rd Understanding - Absolute Zero). The region immediately surrounding Factor X is called the Soli-Endi-Muhat. It was here that the Ahgendai anchored the great vortex that connects the cosmos of Heaven to the cosmos of the First Creation. The final and greatest battle of the Second War against Yaldabaoth and the Demiurge took place at Soli-Endi-Muhat (6:13:16).


During the Second War, the Ahgendai separated their forces to successfully split the armies of Darkness. This led to Azraella and Mahaleenah both leading combat against the legions of the Demiurge simultaneously in different regions. In accordance with Azraella’s plan, the armies of Light and Darkness eventually convened in the regions of Soli-Endi-Muhat, the foreordained location where the Azraella had determined to enact the final phase of battle. Iit was there that the Azraella had fashioned an invisible vortex which connected the realms of Heaven to the cosmos of the First Creation. Anchored by the seven suns of Ashengaard, the great vortex was intended to serve as an inescapable trap for the Demiurge. Once caught in the grativity well of the vortex, the Demiurge would be wisked far away from the Heavenly realms.


After battling the entirety of Yaldabaoth's dark army at Gilliahmas, Mahaleenah retreated to the regions of Soli-Endi-Muhat, where Azraella waited with his legions (6:12:21-38). Arriving at Soli-Endi-Muhat, the Daughter was briefly reunited with her Father before gathering the Terrestrial host to enter through the vortex — an act previously rehearsed by the Ahgendai (6:12:46-49). Withstanding one last personal attack by Jehovah-Yahweh, Mahaleenah led the Terrestrial host through the vortex, to suddenly disappear from the field of battle. Flying through the heart of the seven suns of Ashengaard, Mahaleenah and the Terrestrial host were healed of their wounds, to arrive safely in the system of Mahaliel (6:12:50-63).


With the disappearance of Mahaleenah and the heavenly host, Yaldabaoth seethed with suspicion and rage. Assigning Jehovah-Yahweh with five other Princes (?) to attack the Seraphim and Cherubim, Yaldabaoth took the three remaining Princes to launch a surprise attack against the Azraella in the hidden folds of the twenty-third dimension (6:13:7-8). The Azraella was struck off balance and left exposed by the sudden attack, but the Oggaliaphim came quickly to defend, giving the Azraella time to recover. Despite a united charge against the Azraella by the Dark Princes Apuis-Ra, Osceo-Ka’in, and Tapari-Chemoshi, the Ahgendai destroyed all three of Yaldabaoth’s sons in a blazing fury of vicious battle.


With the death of his three sons, Yaldabaoth leaped to attack the Azraella. There ensued the “most terrible struggle of all, each combatant striking blow for blow against each other” (6:13:20). Slowly, the Azraella and his troops gave ground, yielding most subtly to give the Demiurge a false impression of advantage. Closer and closer the forces of Light moved toward the invisible vortex. Then suddenly, with shocking power, the Azraella threw Yaldabaoth back into his own ranks and quickly leapt into the vortex with his forces following close behind. Seeing the sudden retreat of Azraella and the armies of Light, Yaldabaoth rushed quickly in pursuit, with his army of doom following after. There, in a sudden quiet instant, the realms of Heaven were rescued from the threat of war and destruction (6:13:23-29).


The armies of Light and Darkness flew through the vortex, passing through each of the seven suns of Ashengaard. While the warriors of Light were refreshed and healed as they passed through each sun, the legions of Darkness were filled with dread and apprehension, being pulled inexorably into the heart of each of the seven suns. While the armies of Light were restored to health, the ranks of the Demiurge (except for Yaldabaoth) became progressively confused, to forget who and what they were and from whence they came (6:13:32-36). Exiting from the seventh sun of Ashengaard, the Demiurge found themselves back where they had begun — the regions of the First Cosmos. The armies of Light found refuge on the moon of the seventh moon of Mahaliel (6:13:37-43).




Now at Soli-Endi-Muhat did the Koshendai break asunder the binding seals of Wabbisura, permitting that they should bind together opposing fields of great dimensions to create a vast, invisible vortex which did connect together the cosmos of the Heavens with the cosmos of the First Creation.

6th Endowment 12:2


Thus was there seen the fiercest battle of all, greater than Korisedrah, more terrible than Gilliahmas, filling the whole of Soli-Endi-Muhat with a brutal melee of light and darkness swirling round about each other grasping for advantage, seeking each through desperate means to cast the other into ruin.

For pain and death did fly into the face of every combatant, to fill the hearts of all with a haunting fierce despair, gorging the minds of those which struggled with fear and constant dread; compelling those which once were holy to take on a darker burden, and this for the sake of all the realms of Heaven, whereby they might preserve them.

6th Endowment 13:16-17


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