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Pronunciation:  roo-FIHN-ee-uhs

Occurrences:  6 (directs refs)

First Reference:  Yeshua 10:1


When he was come again unto Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion whose name was Rufinius, and he beseeched the Lord, saying:



See:  Albion, Rome/Roman(s)


Summary:  Rufinius was a Roman centurion who approached Yeshua and asked for him to heal his servant, Albion (winter of 34 CE, first year of Yeshua’s ministry). When Yeshua agreed to go to the soldier’s residence, Rufinius insisted that he was not worthy to have Yeshua enter his home, but if Yeshua would “but speak the word only”, his servant would be healed (Y:10:1-7). Yeshua was impressed by the faith of Rufinius, and the servant was healed.


Several months later (autumn of 35 CE), while performing his duties as centurion, Rufinius was visited by an angel who spoke, saying: “Get you up unto Nazareth, for there have many conspired to lay hold of Yeshua of Galilee to kill him.” Rushing to Nazareth, Rufinius interrupted a group of scribes and Pharisees who were about to throw Yeshua off a cliff (Y:17:21-35). After this event, Rufinius resigned from his position as centurion and followed Yeshua from that day forth (AZC — Rufinius).



Azrael’s Commentary — Rufinius


A twenty-year veteran, Rufinius fought in several campaigns and had the rare distinction of winning the Corona Civica twice. Held in high regard by his commanders, Rufinius was given the difficult job of safeguarding the trade routes which passed through Galilee. A practical man who did not suffer fools lightly, Rufinius ruled his men with an iron hand.


Rufinius became a devoted follower of Yeshua after the healing of his servant, Albion. After the incident recorded in Yeshua 17:21-35, Rufinius resigned his commission and followed Yeshua from that day forth. It was Rufinius’ intent to protect Yeshua whether Yeshua thought he needed protecting or not. Rufinius presented a rather intimidating presence. Abandoning his customary dress, Rufinius began to wear the robes of a Jewish merchant, being careful to keep his short sword hidden beneath his robes so that Yeshua would not see it. However, it was evident that Yeshua did know. If you will read Yeshua 21:28-33, the disciple who warned Yeshua against releasing the crucified man was none other than Rufinius.


Of interest it should be noted that when Yeshua sent the two young lovers to Tyre, to the house of Jakobis (Yeshua 40:3-15), he sent Rufinius with them to protect and watch over them on their journey. As a result, Rufinius was absent during the arrest and crucifixion of Yeshua.


Rufinius, on hearing that Yeshua had been resurrected, went immediately to Galilee where he once again saw his friend and master. There beside the sea of Galilee, with Yeshua standing at his side, Rufinius threw his sword into the placid waters and never touched a weapon for the rest of his life. He retired to live in Nazareth where he was a frequent visitor in the home of Mary and Susanna of Jotapata.





Yeshua 10:1-11        Rufinius beseeches Yeshua to heal his servant, Albion, by the speaking of the word only.


Yeshua 17:21-33      An angel appears before Rufinius, telling him to rush to Nazareth to save Yeshua.

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