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Pronunciation:  MO-zuhs

Occurrences:  37

First Reference:  Yeshua 11:40-41


So they took the book to a woman whose name was Huldah, a prophetess of great renown, and desired that she should tell them from whence it came;

Whether or not it was truly that book which was come from Moses, and she delivered unto the king the word of the Lord concerning the book and all Jerusalem also.



See:  Jethro, Raphael


Summary:  Moses was the mortal embodiment of the Arch-Angel, Raphael, and foreordained father of the third dispensation (B:24:38-44; 1:3:33-38). Mentored by his father-in-law, Jethro, Moses made efforts to deliver the children of Israel from affliction and establish them as a covenant people — a nation of priests and priestesses. However, according to scripture, the people were unworthy to receive the higher law which God had intended for them, and as a result, received from Moses a “lesser law filled with commandments and constraints” (Y:30:24-26; 1:3:36).


In the book of Yeshua, references to Moses occur regularly in discussions between Yeshua and the scribes and Pharisees. The Pharisees would often accuse Yeshua of violating the Law of Moses (as established in the Torah), while Yeshua would rebuke the Pharisees for their hypocrisy and corruption of the Law (Y:14:9-34). The Pharisees also accused Yeshua of claiming to be greater than Moses (Y:16:8-16). In addition, scripture portrays a heated debate in which the Sadducees attempted to trap Yeshua with their interpretations of the Law of Moses (Y:30:4-38).


Many of Yeshua’s disciples witnessed the advent of Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration of Yeshua on Mount Tabor (Y:19:2-10).





38. Now consider how my Father, even Ahman, has appointed unto the seven Arch-Angels the Law of Dispensation, whereby much righteousness should be brought to pass.

39. Therefore, seeing that you shall call from among all the children of men, the man Abram, and seeing that you shall cause to be established with him and his seed after him the covenant, I shall cause to go down to the earth the Arch-Angel Raphael.

40. For surely his seed shall multiply greatly upon the land. Therefore, I shall send unto them Raphael, that he might deliver them in the day of trouble and affliction.

41. And he shall establish among the children of Abram the law whereby the way might be prepared for your going forth among them on the day appointed.

42. For by the hand of Raphael shall the law be established, and by the appearing of the Promised One shall the law be fulfilled.

43. Thus, in the day when the covenant people shall become as a mighty nation among the children of men, in that day they shall walk after the pride of their heart, to forget the covenant which you shall cause to be established with their fathers; then shall you call forth from among them many prophets, whether male or female, that they might warn the people against iniquity.

44. And if they will not give heed to the words of the prophets to turn again unto me, then shall I send forth to them the Arch-Angel Uriel.

Beginnings 24:38-44


33. Thus when the Arch-Angel Gabriel descended as Noah unto the earth, even I did go before him as Methuselah whereby I might nurture him and call him forth unto God; that having set his feet upon straight paths, he might not fall prey to the evil of his day.

34. And when the years of his dispensation were concluded, there went unto the earth the Arch-Angel Raphael who, as Moses, would establish a covenant people, a nation of priests upon the land; but the people were proud and stiff-necked and were quick to forget the promises of God.

35. Which very thing caused Moses to despair continually; and being filled with weariness he would come forth unto me for counsel concerning those things which he should do; for in his day did I walk as Jethro upon the land, and in the beginning of his ministry did I teach him straightly the things of God.

36. Yet, for all our efforts did the children of Israel prove unworthy of those higher laws which flow as the sweetest of waters from the heart of God, and in the end did Moses give unto them a lesser law filled with commandments and constraints.

37. Trusting that by so doing he might hide therein the birthseed of still some distant generation.

38. And Moses, being weary of evil, would not so much as enter the promised land but ascended unto God upon the mountain, being filled continually with a heavy heart.

1st Endowment 3:33-38


75. For I came in my Father’s name and you would not receive me. Yet if another should come in his own name, him you receive with gladness.

76. How then shall you believe, seeing that you seek honor one from another; while yet you seek not the honor which is come from God alone?

77. Think not, therefore, that I shall accuse you before the Father; for there is one already which accuses you, even Moses in whom you trust.

78. For had you believed in Moses, then would you have believed in me also; for he wrote concerning me.

79. But if you believe not his writings, how then shall you believe in my words?”

Yeshua 28:75-79