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Moshe / Megordoc  


Pronunciation:  meh-GOR-dahk / MO-shay

Occurrences:  Megordoc - 5  /  Moshe - 21

First Reference:  4th Endowment 20:29  /  4th Endowment 20:50


Thus was there born into the great city-state of Media, the child named Megordoc, being the son of a great judge, being taught while in his youth the rudiments and philosophies of the law.

4th Endowment 20:29


Thus was the son greeted warmly and with grace, and even all the faithful did receive him even as their own, causing that they should give to him a new name, calling him from that day forth: Moshe.

4th Endowment 20:50



See:  Dedrah, Media, Terralee, The One                            Refer to:  4th Endowment 20:6 — 22:62


Summary:  Megordoc, later known as Moshe, was born in the city-state of Media on the world of Terralee. He was the mortal manifestation of The One and founder of the fourth dispensation of God. Elected as the forty-ninth Presiding Patriarch of the Solemn Assembly, Moshe’s teachings on the justice and mercy of God were eventually included among the collected teachings recorded in the Book of God (4:22:62).


Megordoc was the son of successful parents. His mother was a prominent and highly regarded judge in the courts of law, while his father was a tycoon in the iron and steel industry (4:20:29-30). From a young age, Megordoc was expected to follow in the steps of his mother, to become a student of law and philosophy. Attending the finest schools and academies, Megordoc excelled in his studies, successfully passing the bar to become a lawyer in his early twenties. At the age of twenty-four, Megordoc fell in love with a young woman named Dedrah, who was a ‘believer and follower of God’. She gave Megordoc a copy of the Book of God, which contained the teachings of Adamilus and Evelah, Noaeya, and Sariah (4:20:32-33). After studying the book for three years, Megordoc became a believer also, choosing to set aside his law career, which deeply upset his parents.


When it was evident Megordoc had no intention to continue his law career, the parents sued their son to recover the cost of his lodging and schooling, paid throughout his youth. Unable to pay the money, Megordoc was put in jail and promised freedom if he would return to fulfilling the dreams of his parents (4:20:36-39). Despite all efforts to sway Megordoc, he remained strong in his conviction. After three years of imprisonment, the parents most bitterly relented, allowing Megordoc to be free, but scornfully disassociating from him, to punish Megordoc for choosing God instead (4:20:40-46).


When Megordoc was set free, he was met by Dedrah, the woman he loved. The community of believers received Megordoc with open arms, and gave to him a new name: Moshe (4:20:47-50). Moshe and Dedrah created a family together and became loved and respected throughout their community. Moshe became a writer of commentaries and teacher of godly things, and at the age of sixty was elected as the forty-ninth Presiding Patriarch of the Solemn Assembly (4:20:42-59). His teachings pertaining to the mercy and justice of God were recorded and shared throughout the world.





If then you would have the justice which comes from God, then be you free of such fears as lesser men have, and this through love and gentleness; letting slip from your mind the shadows of doubt and dread, filling your mind instead with the knowledge which comes from God, to live it day by day.

Do not, therefore, fear such laws as men do make, neither fear you death besides; for if you fear the law, you cannot truly love; and if you should fear the touch of death, then are you unable to live happily and in joy, being yourselves tainted through many fears, being yourselves haunted night and day by many shadows.

4th Endowment 22:17-18


For of your life would I reveal a mystery and a wonder, for you are the power of God upon the earth, if it so be that you should elect yourselves to do much good; becoming yourselves the imitators of heavenly things, being yourselves established in the depths of the Father and the Mother from which you come.

4th Endowment 22:44

Mother Earth