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Pronunciation:  DEE-druh

Occurrences:  5

First Reference:  4th Endowment 20:47 (20:33)

Now when the son was set free of the prison cell, there rushed up to meet him the woman which he loved, and her name was Dedrah, being herself a keeper of honeybees.


See:  Moshe, Terralee

Summary:  Dedrah lived on the mortal world of Terralee, described in scripture as a “believer and follower of God” (4:20:33). She became close friends with the twenty-four-year-old Megordoc around the time when he had become qualified to practice as a lawyer. It was Dedrah who gave to him the Book of God, which contained the teachings of the previous dispensational leaders: Adamilus and Evelah, Noaeya, and Sariah. The book, along with Dedrah’s company, had a profound impact on Megordoc, as he had been raised in a very secular home environment, expected by his wealthy parents to become a successful lawyer.


When it was discovered that Megordoc had become a believer in God and was no longer interested in pursuing a legal career, his parents sued him for all expenses paid toward his lodging and education, believing they could persuade their son to return to the path they had set out for him. Unable to pay his parents, Megordoc was sent to prison and subjected to weekly attempts by preachers of prosperity to sway him back to the paradigm of his parents. Seeing after three years that Megordoc would not be moved in his beliefs and passion for God, the parents relented, disavowing him as a son, yet setting him free. Once released from prison, Megordoc re-united with Dedrah and was warmly welcomed into her family and the community of believers, who gave to Megordoc a new name: Moshe (4:20:47-50).


Moshe and Dedrah were soon happily married and started a family together. Moshe became a writer of commentaries and a teacher of godly things (4:20:57). He was eventually elected to become the Presiding Patriarch of the Solemn Assembly of Believers, and identified as the fourth dispensational leader on the world of Terralee. The relationship of Moshe and Dedrah is considered a vibrant and lasting example of love and grace (7:4:18-19).


See: 4th Endowment ch. 20-22


And Moshe loved Dedrah the keeper of the honeybee, and in the spring of the year were they married before the altar of God midst great rejoicing and jubilation, to dance themselves midst gentle rhythms beneath the shining moon.

4th Endowment 20:51


Now the years passed and Moshe and Dedrah brought forth children of their own, to cast themselves ever deeper into love’s embrace; and all which saw did see in Moshe and Dedrah the way which they might likewise be.

4th Endowment 20:56


In what place then shall you find a good example, to see for yourself the power of grace and love together mingled, like lovers in a dance? Go then and in the scriptures read.

Have you not read of Kronus and Yoshibeth? Have you not read of Moshe and Dedrah, or of Abbahdon and Gaia, or even of The One and myself together in love forever? Go then and let this prove a good example worthy of imitation; for in life is it given that the child should imitate the parents, to follow in their steps.

7th Endowment 4:18-19

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