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Pronunciation:  treh-JEHN-ee-uhm

Occurrences:  22

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 2:43


But in the great fortress city of Trajenium did Maximillius Drakonus rule; being the forty-second Emperor of all Drakonia; being made most constantly aware of such conspiracies as Rome and the Chen would devise against him.



See:  Capitolinum, Drakonia, First Track, Maximillius Drakonus, Maximus Drakonus, Trajen


Summary:  During the First Track of the world of the First Power, Trajenium was the capital city of the northern Drakonian Empire.



Azrael’s Commentary - Trajenium


The capital city of the Drakonian Empire, the city took its name from the Roman Emperor, Trajen, who first ordered it to be built. The city was located in and around present-day Baltimore, Maryland, and had a population of one million people.


Trajenium was the home port for one of the empire’s greatest submarine fleets; able to dry dock some forty submarines at the same time. By the time Kronus was born, all submarines in the naval fleet were nuclear powered, and were of four classifications: 1) The missile launch submarine: large, silent, fast and carrying as many as thirty-six missiles with four independently targeted nuclear warheads each. 2) The attack submarine: this was the fastest submarine in the world and could travel at depths of 1,000 feet going more than 60 knots an hour. This sub attacked enemy surface ships and was the most feared boat in the world. The empire had as many as 1,200 attack subs. 3) The transport submarine: the largest sub in the empire; used for ferrying up to as many as 1,000 fully armed troops around the world on secret missions. 4) The supply submarine: used for supplying submarines at sea.


Trajenium was the home of the Emperor. It was first chosen to be the capital by the father of the empire: Maximus Drakonus. The Emperor’s palace was a massive fortress made of black marble which was situated in the center of a 500 acre parkland. Trajenium was both a busy naval port and shipping center. Not only was Trajenium the home port to a large submarine fleet, but it was also the home base to one of the largest air force posts in the world.


The city itself was well planned and possessed broad avenues and streets for the single most purpose of moving military equipment and men from one part of the city to the next. In the early days of Trajenium, during the terrible reign of Maximus Drakonus, the city was surrounded by a vast stone wall made of black basalt. But by the time of Kronus, this wall had been dismantled to allow the city to enlarge its borders. Trajenium possessed a vast complex of slave factories which produced a wide variety of products needed by the empire in order to feed and clothe members of the military establishment. From handguns to boots, from uniforms to foodstuffs, from plastics to concrete, there was a factory in and around Trajenium to produce it and a merchant fleet in the harbor to distribute it throughout the empire.


Within the old city of Trajenium was the imperial palace of the Emperor. This palace was surrounded by vast gardens which were beautifully designed and maintained. The most beautiful women of the empire were made frequent guest at the palace and as a consequence of being made the concubine of the Emperor, were given light duties in maintaining the beauty of the gardens during the spring and summer months, and in the winter were used to maintain the palace complex itself. Women in the palace were seldom abused because they were deemed the property of the Emperor until he grew tired of them and sent them away.


As a point of interest, there was a southern capital to the Drakonian Empire as well. This southern capital was in South America in present-day Rio de Janeiro. This southern capital was called Capitolinum. However, the Emperor would only stay there a month or two out of the year. Only during the coldest months in Trajenium would the Emperor fly down to his southern palace in the city of Capitolinum.




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