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Occurrences:  2

First Reference:  Yeshua 22:75


And when he was come unto the town of Sarepta, he went in unto the house of Callistus; for the Lord heard how that his only son was sick and near unto death.



See:  Jude (Thaddeus Labeaus), Julian, Sarepta                                Refer to:  Yeshua 22:75-85


Summary:   Callistus was a Roman merchant and slave owner who lived in the town of Sarepta. While passing through, Yeshua healed his five-year old son (Julian) who had been in a coma as a result of a head injury. Yeshua ended up adopting a slave-boy from Callistus, named Thaddeus Labeaus. Yeshua named the boy Jude.



Azrael’s Commentary — Callistus

A Roman merchant and the owner of vast orchards near the town of Sarepta, Callistus was a hard man known and feared for his violent temper. His slaves were terrified of him and the citizens of the town cringed every time they saw him approaching. Callistus was the most hated man in Sarepta.


But Callistus had one soft spot, and that was his love for his five-year-old son, Julian. The boy was the exact opposite of his father and was known for his kind and happy disposition. The boy fell off a wall and struck his head and had lain in a coma for several weeks. Callistus appealed to every physician to help his son, but they proved unable.


When Yeshua was passing through Sarepta, he heard of the tragic accident and went to the house of Callistus. Yeshua found the father weeping over his unconscious son, and taking the boy’s hand into his own, Yeshua spoke into the boy’s ear, saying: “Return, my son, and fly not away; for the father you love is filled with tears and you alone can save him.” And in that very moment the boy awakened. So overwhelmed with joy and gratitude was Callistus, that his entire life changed in an instant. During Yeshua’s stay at his home, Callistus set all his slaves free and began to pay them to work for him.


After the healing of his son, Callistus was a changed man. Throughout the remaining thirty years of his life, Callistus was known for his kindness and generosity. When he died in 66 CE, the whole town of Sarepta mourned his passing.



Azrael’s Commentary — Jude

A six-year-old boy who was a slave in the house of Callistus. He was purchased as a play companion for his master’s son, Julian. Jude was given light duties within the household of Callistus. Jude and Julian became inseparable playmates. They got along so well that they seemed more like brothers than anything else. It must be said about Julian that he looked at Jude as his friend; he never thought of him as a slave.


One day, in a moment of play, the son of Callistus fell off a high wall and suffered a serious head trauma which left him comatose. Callistus unfairly accused Jude of pushing his son off the wall, and Jude was severely beaten. It was clearly the intent of Callistus to kill Jude if his son died. But with the healing of the boy Julian by Yeshua, Callistus was so overwhelmed with gratitude that he gave Jude to Yeshua upon request.


From that day, Jude became the son of Yeshua and Mary. Every day before sunrise, Yeshua would sit the boy on his knee to say their morning prayers and to watch the sun come up. Every morning Yeshua and Mary would play with Jude. And every evening Yeshua would entertain his son with stories of God and Heaven and angels....






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