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Jude / Thaddeus Lebbaeus


Pronunciation:  dzhoud

Occurrences:  Jude - 2     Thaddeus Lebbaeus - 2

First Reference:  Yeshua 22:84  


And from that day the Lord called him not Thaddeus but Jude instead.



See:  Callistus, Julian, Mary, Sarepta, Yeshua                                   Refer to:  Yeshua 22:75-85


Azrael’s Commentary — Jude


A six-year-old boy who was a slave in the house of Callistus. He was purchased as a play companion for his master’s son, Julian. Jude was given light duties within the household of Callistus. Jude and Julian became inseparable playmates. They got along so well that they seemed more like brothers than anything else. It must be said about Julian that he looked at Jude as his friend; he never thought of him as a slave.


One day, in a moment of play, the son of Callistus fell off a high wall and suffered a serious head trauma which left him comatose. Callistus unfairly accused Jude of pushing his son off the wall, and Jude was severely beaten. It was clearly the intent of Callistus to kill Jude if his son died. But with the healing of the boy Julian by Yeshua, Callistus was so overwhelmed with gratitude that he gave Jude to Yeshua upon request.


From that day, Jude became the son of Yeshua and Mary. Every day before sunrise, Yeshua would sit the boy on his knee to say their morning prayers and to watch the sun come up. Every morning Yeshua and Mary would play with Jude. And every evening Yeshua would entertain his son with stories of God and Heaven and angels.


As Jude grew to adulthood, he left Mary in Nazareth to become an important member of the church in Jerusalem, teaching and preaching the kingdom of his father. In 63 CE, Jude was made a member of the apostleship, replacing Simon Zelotes who was martyred in Babylon. With the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans in 70 CE, Jude returned for a while to his mother, Mary, in Nazareth. There he continued his close friendship with the son of Susanna of Jotapata. In 73 CE, Jude went on a mission to Cappadocia where he established many churches. Jude was burned at the stake in 91 CE, in the city of Antioch. Of all the apostles, it was Jude that all the other apostles loved. Jude was considered a saint long before he died.


His ashes were returned secretly to Nazareth where they were buried in a quiet garden grove overlooking the Galilean hillsides. It was said by many, that angels came every year on the anniversary of his death, to attend the grave of Jude. Emmanuel and Sophiel planted a dogwood tree above his grave.





75. And when he was come unto the town of Sarepta, he went in unto the house of Callistus; for the Lord heard how that his only son was sick and near unto death.

76. And straightway he went in unto the child and healed him, and the father, seeing this, wept for joy and falling at the Master’s feet he worshipped him, saying:

77. “Lord, whatsoever thing you shall ask of me, even that shall I give unto you.”

78. And the Lord seeing in the house a youth which was a slave, called unto him, saying: “Son, where is your father and your mother?”

79. And the youth answered him, saying: “My Lord, I have neither father nor mother to watch over me.”

80. When Yeshua heard this he spoke unto Callistus, saying: “It is not good that one man should possess another.

81. Therefore, strike the iron from off his neck and give him unto me, and I shall be to him as a father, and he shall be to me as a son.”

82. And when the youth was set at liberty before the Master, the Lord asked him, saying: “Son, what is your name?”

83. And the youth answered him, saying: “I am called Thaddeus Lebbaeus.” And the Lord said: “This day have I set you at liberty, that you might become as a son unto me.”

84. And from that day the Lord called him not Thaddeus but Jude instead.

85. And he followed faithfully after the Lord always, and Mary which was the sister of Martha and Lazarus, took the child unto her bosom that she might nurture him always.

Yeshua 22:75-85


There sat beside the Lord, Mary his Beloved, and Miriam his mother; and at his feet sat Jude whom he loved.

Yeshua 51:1



• Demetrius helped greatly in financing the missionary efforts of the apostles, especially those of Jude. (AZC —  Demetrius)


Judas Thomas