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Judas Thomas / Thomas Didymus


Pronunciation:  DZHOO-duhs + TAH-muhs / TAH-muhs + DIH-dih-muhs

Occurrences:  Judas Thomas — 1    Thomas Didymus — 11

First Reference:  Yeshua 3:7


Therefore, when it was eventide, Yeshua, being the eldest of his brethren, gathered to himself his mother Miriam and with her also were his brothers Judas Thomas, James, Joses and Simon, and of his sisters there were Judith, Esther, and Sarah.



See:  Joseph, Miriam, Pensius, Yeshua


Summary:  The twin brother of Yeshua, Judas Thomas is most often referred to in scripture as Thomas Didymus. Raised by their mother (Miriam) and step-father (Joseph), the twins never new their biological father, who was a Roman soldier named Pensius (AZC — Virgin Birth). While the relationship between Thomas and Yeshua in their early years was often challenged, the two became closer as adults. Thomas was numbered among the apostles and included among those who communed with Yeshua after his resurrection (Y:48:47-54).


Aside from the initial listing of Yeshua’s siblings (Y:3:7), Thomas isn’t mentioned in scripture until the evening prior to Yeshua’s arrest. After Yeshua alludes to his own death, Thomas speaks to the apostles, saying: “Come, let us also go, that we may die with him” (Y:45:70). This account differs from that found in the New Testament book of John (11:16), which portrays Thomas making a similar statement in response to Yeshua returning to Judea, following the death of Lazarus.


When Thomas hears reports of Yeshua’s resurrection, he is skeptical, stating: “Except I shall see for myself the print of the nails in his hands and feet to put forth my finger into them; and except I put forth my hand into his side, I will not believe” (Y:48:49). Later, when Thomas sees and touches the resurrected Yeshua, he declares his belief (Y:48:50-54).


Not only was Thomas counted among the five hundred who witnessed Yeshua’s post-resurrectional teachings, he was included among the select group of apostles who were taught in secret the mysteries of gnosis (Y:52:33-38). Yeshua appointed Thomas to collect his teachings into a book, which text become the “first of gospels spread throughout the world” (Y:52:40).



Azrael’s Commentary — Virgin Birth; para. 12-14


[...] The seasons passed and Miriam delivered, giving birth to twin sons. The first son was named Yeshua, and the second son was named Judas Thomas. The young family lived in Jerusalem for a year after the birth of the twins. When Joseph finished his work in Jerusalem, he took his family to Nazareth. No one in Nazareth ever knew that Miriam was the daughter of their most infamous rabbi. No one ever knew about the prostitution, or of anything else. One day Joseph simply returned with his young family in tow.


Joseph and Miriam were a very happy and loving couple. At the ages of ten, Joseph began teaching his sons the trade of carpentry. Yeshua was a natural born carpenter. But Thomas was not. The twins were as different from each other as night and day. As a child, Yeshua was always bright and cheerful. He was always anxious to please his parents. And he loved to talk scriptures and the law with his mother.


But Thomas was a dark and brooding child. He was always causing trouble in Nazareth. The relationship between Yeshua and Thomas was always difficult. Thomas seemed to have a mean streak, Yeshua did not. They grew up together in Nazareth, and Joseph and Miriam had many more children. Yeshua seemed to possess his mother’s gentle nature, while Thomas possessed the nature of his natural father, the Roman soldier named Pensius.[...]





47. So the disciples went out unto all the countryside, telling all the disciples which they met the things which they saw and heard of the Lord.

48. But Thomas Didymus, when it was told him of these things, he would not believe, but spoke instead, saying:

49. “Except I shall see for myself the print of the nails in his hands and feet to put forth my finger into them; and except I put forth my hand into his side, I will not believe.”

50. Now when eight days were passed, the disciples were yet again in the upper room, and Thomas Didymus was with them. Then came the Lord again unto them, saying: “Peace be upon you.”

51. And seeing Thomas in the midst of them, the Lord called unto him, saying: “Come, Thomas, and stretch forth your finger and behold my hands and feet.

52. Stretch forth your hands unto me and thrust into my side, that you may not be faithless any longer, but believing.”

53. And Thomas, kneeling before the Master, said: “My Lord and my God.”

54. Yeshua answered him, saying: “Thomas, because you have seen me, you have believed: blessed are they which see not but have believed already.”

Yeshua 48:47-54


And unto the twin brother of Yeshua was it appointed that he should gather into one book, even all the words which Yeshua spoke in teaching the things of God; becoming itself the first of gospels spread throughout the world.

Yeshua 52:40


Thus was there given unto Cephas, even all the teachings which Yeshua spoke publicly, from the baptism of John to the betrayal of Judas; while unto his brothers Thomas Didymus and James was there given the post-resurrectional teachings which Yeshua taught in secret regarding the very gnosis.

Yeshua 52:46


Which gnosis even Yeshua did reveal to those apostles which he did gather secretly around him after the day of his resurrection, both of men and women. And over the gnosis did he place his brothers Thomas and James, and Mary the Beloved also, being herself proclaimed and anointed to be the first Sophia of many mothers.

Wisdom 29:13


Judas of Kerioth