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Simon Zelotes


Pronunciation:  SAI-muhn + zeh-LOH-tees

Occurrences:  4

First Reference:  Yeshua 29:2


Now there came unto the Zealots Judas of Kerioth and Simon Zelotes, which were of the Lord’s following, for they, of themselves, were Zealots also.



See:  Judas of Kerioth, Zealots


Summary:  Member of the Zealot party, Simon Zelotes was originally a disciple of John the Baptizer, and may be the unidentified Zealot who asked John the Baptizer how the Anointed One would assume the throne of David (Y:2:33). Simon later came to follow Yeshua and became one of his first apostles. Simon shared many of the same ideals as Judas of Kerioth, who was also a Zealot. Scripture relates how several of the disciples, including Simon and Judas, made efforts to persuade Yeshua to the Zealot cause (Y:15:59-66). Simon and Judas hoped to establish an alliance between the Zealots and Yeshua, believing Yeshua was capable of purging the temple and overthrowing the Roman occupation of Israel. Yeshua’s refusal to join forces with the Zealots offended Simon and many of the disciples who supported the Zealot movement (Y:29:1-60; Y:39:1-11).



Azrael’s Commentary — Simon Zelotes


A Zealot who first followed John the Baptizer and later became a disciple of Yeshua. Appointed by Yeshua as one of the first apostles, Simon Zelotes often found it difficult to understand Yeshua. Simon Zelotes wanted revolution; Yeshua spoke of peace. Simon Zelotes wanted war and blood; Yeshua spoke of loving one’s enemies and of turning the other cheek. Simon Zelotes fervently desired the restoration of the kingdom of David; Yeshua preached the kingdom of Heaven which had already descended, even though few could see it. And although Simon Zelotes found it difficult to understand the profound spiritual forces which motivated Yeshua, he could not deny the obvious and profound powers which Yeshua revealed through the healing of the sick and the raising of the dead.


The betrayal of Yeshua by Judas turned Simon Zelotes against the Zealots and towards peace. After the resurrection Simon became a devoted disciple and apostle, working tirelessly in building bridges between Jews and Gentiles. Simon Zelotes was stoned to death in Babylon in 62 CE; his body was thrown in the city dump for wild animals to eat.





“In 63 CE, Jude was made a member of the apostleship, replacing Simon Zelotes who was martyred in Babylon.”

Azrael’s Commentary — Jude; para. 4


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Now there came unto John certain of his disciples and one of them, being a Zealot, spoke, saying: “Rabboni, we know that you are sent by God unto the people, tell us, therefore, by what power shall the Anointed One throw off the power of Rome. For at his coming we would lift the sword against the oppressor, that we might establish again in Jerusalem the throne of David.”

Yeshua 2:33

3. And as he was teaching, there came Judas of Kerioth and Simon Zelotes, saying: “Know you not my Lord how close to power you stand?

4. For see how many are come forth to serve you, that they might establish in your name the throne of David.

5. Go, therefore, my Lord, unto the temple that we might enter in unawares; for we know of a surety that you are come from God, for no man can do as you have done except that God be with him.

 6. And if it so be that you shall enter in, then shall we take by force the temple, and you shall we make both king and high priest over all Israel.

 7. For if we take by force the house of the Lord, how then shall Rome prevail against you, seeing that you are come from God and are made to dwell in the house of God forever?”

 8. When the Lord heard these things, he looked about and seeing in the crowd many which were of the Zealots prepared for battle, he groaned in his soul;

 9. And speaking unto Judas, he said: “What evil have you done for my name’s sake? Get you, therefore, away from me, for you have no part with me.”

10. Now when Judas heard this, he was stunned unto silence and he brooded darkly against the Lord for Israel’s sake; for he knew not his own sin.

11. And they which were of the Zealots, when they heard how the Master rebuked even the whole of them, they set their hearts against him, and sought instead to kill him; for he had upbraided them before all the people.

Yeshua 39:3-11


Now there came seeking the Master, Judas of Kerioth and Simon Zelotes; and when it was evening they found the Lord sitting in a garden by the house of Martha and Lazarus.

And going in unto him, they fell down before him and repented all their sins, and he frankly forgave them both and set them again among their brethren.

Yeshua 39:31-32

Simon of Cyrene