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Pronunciation:  RAY-hahb

Occurrences:  14 (direct references)   5 (“priests of”)

First Reference:  Beginnings 11:29


Thus spoke Yasher-Baal to his mighty men. And he took Rahob the son of Zereth Shahar and appointed him to be the high priest of Sumer.



See:  Elon Zanoah, Sumer, Yasher-Baal


Summary:  (c. 8,800 BCE) Rahob, the son of Zereth Shahar, was appointed as the high priest of Sumer by Yasher-Baal, son of Cain and king of Sumer. Rahob’s ordination was a part of Yasher-Baal’s greater plan (inspired by Lucifer) to violently expand the Sumerian Empire and solidify allegiance by means of priestcraft, false worship and blood sacrifice (B:11:1-39). During his ordination ceremony, Rahob was anointed with the blood of his youngest son, who was sacrificed to the gods of Sumer (B:11:30). Rahob zealously employed his position, initiating an unprecedented and authoritarian approach to the sacrifice of innocent men, women and children throughout the land.


God called Enoch, the High Priest of Zion, to journey throughout the lands of Sumer to comfort the righteous, call for repentance and rebuke the evils of Rahob and his priests (B:13:1-39). Enoch walked throughout the land for seven years, and many people came to believe in his words, which caused fear and concern among Rahob and his priests (B:14:55-60). Soon after Enoch’s ministry, a grass-roots rebellion formed around a man named Elon Zanoah (B:15:1-27). When Elon garnered the support of Enoch’s son, Methuselah, his uprising gained momentum (B:15:26-27). However, the rebellion ended abruptly on the plains of Luzon, when Elon and his thirty thousand men were out-witted and subsequently defeated in a battle against Yasher-Baal’s army (B:16:30-40).





27. Seeing, therefore, that our god shall grant unto us power and dominion over the souls of the children of men, let us build unto him a temple in the midst of Sumer; and let us appoint from among these priests one who shall be as a high priest unto the god of this world.

28. And it shall be given unto this high priest to offer in sacrifice the best of our sons and daughters, that we might secure for our benefit the favors of our god.”

29. Thus spoke Yasher-Baal to his mighty men. And he took Rahob the son of Zereth Shahar and appointed him to be the high priest of Sumer.

30. And he did cause Rahob to bring forth his youngest son, and he did slay him before all the mighty men of the city, and he took the blood of the child and did anoint the head of Rahob.

Beginnings 11:27-30

[Ancient of Days to Enoch]

11. Go forth with much boldness and declare unto the generations of men words of counsel and of comfort, and as many as shall turn from their evil ways will I pardon, and in those souls shall I delight.

12. But against the high priest of Sumer, even Rahob the son of Zereth Shahar, shall you bring forth strong accusation before all the people who dwell in the land of the two great rivers. For by cunning words and dark designs has he established the atonement of blood sacrifice.

13. He has laid upon the people a burden too grievous to be borne; by the sorrowing of many people has Rahob enriched himself; by wickedness has he made merchandise of their souls. Therefore, of this man shall I demand accounting.

14. For I have heard the cries of many mothers, for the fruit of their wombs has he made to perish in the fires of idolatry; in abominations and whoredoms are the innocent made to perish.

15. Is this the sacrifice which I have chosen? Shall I take delight in the sacrifice of children? Have I desired the weeping of mothers and the lamentations of your daughters?

16. Consider, you sons of men, the afflictions and the abominations wherewith Rahob has corrupted you unto destruction, that the father of lies should follow hard after you to devour you in the midst of your wickedness, according to his pleasure.

17. Therefore, go my son, Enoch, and speak these words of judgment against the blasphemer, Rahob, and unto all the mockers of iniquity speak with great sharpness of word, that perchance they might turn again from their evil ways and live.

18. But unto the broken of spirit speak tenderly the words of eternal life, that they might find therein wisdom and healing, for by the cunning of Rahob and Yasher-Baal are they made to sacrifice the children of their loins.

Beginnings 13:11-18