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Consider now this present moment, this age in which you live, for it is expedient that we establish among the faithful, the Tabernacle of God’s Peace, to be in each community a beacon of light and hope.

Thus in each community shall there be fashioned, a garden of exquisite beauty, and this garden shall be called: The Gardens of Shem Torath; and in the center place shall there be built a tabernacle where even all believers might be gathered into one, to take to themselves both healing and instruction regarding the things of God.

Thus is there given unto this world just one temple only, to be found in the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman; while of the Tabernacle of God’s Peace there shall be many, each one found within a garden, called the Gardens of Shem Torath.

Take heart therefore, and do not fear tomorrow, but attend with all diligence the present moment in which you live; let the dreams of God guide all your labors, planting in each present moment the seeds of what shall be; and day by day shall you draw all future Man to the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman, to see for themselves the very Gods of Heaven.

Wisdom 28:17-20


Come now and make you ready both heart and mind, for I would, even now, reveal in you that fifth and final means for which a man and a woman might join themselves together in the midst of all their passions; spending with eager breath, the soul of all their desires and longings.

For I would establish between the man and the woman the Tabernacle of God’s Peace; being of itself not made with hands or fashioned of brick and stone, but rather that it should be drawn from the heart and fashioned of the soul within;

Having for its very foundation the beginnings of some endless love, being dressed and strongly girded through such devotions and tender sighings as even God hath ordained between the man and the woman;

Having for its summit an endless sky filled with dreams and visions, being of itself without limitations or boundaries; but having instead that limitless horizon which would move forever outward, even until it should embrace within itself the whole of all creation.

2nd Endowment 7:39-42


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