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Consider then the wars of men, this strife between the nations; for there are many who speak of peace while yet they seek to war, being themselves as those confused and filled with empty words; be not yourself as one entangled in the snares of violent men.

But be to them a light which shines and seeks to be a friend, lifting up before their eyes the honor of your peace; speaking not with condemnation, neither filled with bitter judgment, but gently standing forth as one who chooses peace instead.

~ 7th Endowment 6:23-24


Therefore, let your heart be filled with peace towards all men, and thus shall you add life unto the body. For whosoever shall sow in peace, shall harvest to their joy an abundance of righteousness. For this cause has God called us to live in peace, and to refrain our hand from war.

Mark well the goodly man. Behold always the paths of the righteous, for the end of all their ways is peace and joy. For God shall keep in perfect peace the one whose mind is stayed on him. These shall he bear safely over deep troubles; perplexities shall surely flee away, for in God have they placed all their trust.

Who shall move the godly from their place seeing that God himself has established all their ways? Keep your eye, therefore, upon the Holy One, and turn you neither to the left nor the right; then shall his peace enfold you round about, and with much assurance shall you dwell beside the Lord your God.

Therefore, if you would be a follower of the Anointed One, live in peace with all men, being filled continually with love and mercy, seeking ever the righteous way.

And give to no man evil for evil, insult for insult, injury for injury; but in blessing only lift high the hand of peace. By such means shall you secure to your soul the glory of God, and you shall become as the children of the Most High, and the Holy Spirit shall make rich her abode with you, to dress you round about with peace and holiness.

~ Yeshua 2:40-44


Why will you not understand? Behold, I tell you truly, that the kingdom of Heaven cometh not with fire and sword, but in peace and joy shall it spread itself upon the earth.

~ Yeshua 15:63


For even as deep waters are made all pure and clean without, even so are the righteous made peaceful within, having rooted themselves firmly in the depths of their own soul.

And as a tower of rock firm and fast, being neither shaken nor tossed about by several winds, so then are the righteous become; being neither bent nor moved amidst blame or praise.

For which of the gods made by men will not envy the man whose lower passions are made subdued like wild horses tamed by the charioteer, who is free of all self-pride and boastfulness?

In such a one as this are all thoughts made calm in the Lord; calm then are both his words and deeds, for he has attained righteousness through much wisdom.

Therefore, if you would be righteous unto joy and peace, guard well the thoughts of the soul; for a thought well-guarded brings forth much joy.

~ Yeshua 23:33-37


And turning to the people he taught them, saying: “Which of you, being good, will not love his neighbor? And if the neighbor be in want, will not go forth to save him?

For I tell you truly, that he which is your neighbor is but the reflection of some other.

Still then the waters of your soul and look you deep within, for in the countenance of your neighbor shall you see reflected the shadow of your own likeness.

Be you, therefore, unto your neighbor even as you would that he should be unto you.

For this is the law which I would give unto all, that you might live peaceably one beside another.”

~ Yeshua 25:21-25


Blessed are you which publish peace throughout the land, and who make reconcile the children of men one with another, for you shall be called the children of God, and the end of all your ways shall he establish in peace and blessing.

~ Yeshua 27:63


Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear. For I tell you truly that the kingdom of the Father can no man establish by blood and fury, but in peace and holiness is it come among you.

~ Yeshua 29:26


Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not after the rudiments of men would I give unto you, but according to the glory which is in the Father would I give unto you.

~ Yeshua 52:21


Give forth words with which to argue,
And contentions will arise.
Meet an argument with an argument,
peace will disappear.
Let frustration seize your words,
And you become the captive.
Resent those who would contend,
And you become undone.

~ Book of Pearls 22:2


Thus through the passing of the generations shall the seeds of peace be firmly planted; going always from lesser to greater; moving and pressing onward even until the nations of man are made to live in hope and joy forever.

~ 3rd Endowment 3:27


Embrace, therefore, the spirit within you, and this most firmly be; taming well the words you speak whereby you might set free the spirit within you; causing that you should fear no longer, but find instead that inward peace which no man can take from you.

~ 4th Endowment 29:53

» Video:  Peace Warrior - pt. 1

» Video:  Honor and Peace - part 1