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John (son of Levi)


Pronunciation:  DZHAHN

Occurrences:  11

First Reference:  Yeshua 31:1


Now there came secretly in the night unto Bethany, a ruler of the Jews whose name was Nicodemus; and with him also came John, the son of Levi from the city of Emmaus.



See:  Cleopas, Emmaus, Levi


Summary:  John, the son of Levi, was one of Yeshua’s most devoted disciples. He was from the town of Emmaus (Y:31:1) and served as the chief scribe in the house of Caiaphas (Y:46:44).


When Yeshua was taken captive from the Garden of Gethsemane to the house of Caiaphas, John was among the few disciples who did not flee in fear, but followed after Yeshua as he was taken to Jerusalem. John then promptly went to Nicodemus to report of Yeshua’s illegal arrest (Y:46:42-45).


When Yeshua was on the cross, it was John whom Yeshua entrusted to look after his mother (Y:47:50-52). Following the crucifixion, the resurrected Yeshua appeared first to his wife, Mary (Y:48:4-13), then to his mother Miriam (Y:48:14-18), and then to John and Cleopas as they traveled to the village of Emmaus (Y:48:19-27). Yeshua was disguised as a fellow traveler, and wasn’t recognized as the master until the three of them were eating dinner together.





And there followed after the Lord but few of the disciples, for many had fled away into the night.

But there was among those which followed after, John the son of Levi who was first above all the scribes in Caiaphas’ house;

And when he saw that the Lord was taken captive unto Jerusalem, he went straightway unto Nicodemus and told him all which had happened to the Master.

Yeshua 46:43-45


Now there stood by the cross of the Lord his mother, and Mary his Beloved, and Mary of Magdala; and there drew near unto them from Jerusalem, John the son of Levi.

And the Lord, seeing the disciple near, spoke unto his mother, saying: “Woman, behold your son.” Then said the Lord unto John: “Behold, your mother.”

And from that hour did John honor Miriam even as his own mother, and he took her unto his own home.

Yeshua 47:50-52


Now when it was about the noon hour, there came unto the house of John, a beggar which was sorely afflicted; and seeing the Lord’s mother making ready the noon meal, he petitioned her for mercy’s sake to feed him.

Yeshua 48:14


And there was gathered unto Cephas to comfort him, James and John the sons of Zebedee, and Nathaniel of Cana, Thomas Zelotes, and John the scribe who was come up from Jerusalem; and it was in the spring of the year.

Yeshua 49:3


And that John which was come from Jerusalem, spoke unto Cephas, saying: “It is the Lord.”

Yeshua 49:10


John Bar Zebedee