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Covenant of Promise


Occurrences:  1

First Reference:  4th Endowment 6:7


And before the sum of all their seed did God place the Covenant of Promise; for in this covenant did both the Father and the Mother pledge the fullness of their devotion, to be as constant and ever watchful in the lives of those who lived; teaching here and guiding there the place where they should go, but only if they be willing and not uncertain.



See:  Law of Dispensation                                              Refer to:  Wisdom 16:26-38


Summary:  The Covenant of Promise is a formal, iron-clad agreement made between the Heavenly Parents and their spirit children who have chosen to walk the path of eternal progression and enter into the school of mortal life. Prior to the advent of the first dispensation, the Heavenly Mother and Father promise to teach, nurture and guide their children throughout their mortal lives. The child’s willingness to trust in the covenant determines, in part, the degree to which God may participate in the life of that child. The Covenant of Promise works in conjunction with the Law of Dispensation (dispensationalism), which entails a systematic, covenant-bound, schooling process established for the benefit and progression of God’s children.





Consider, my Lord, and have mercy. For, behold, Sarah my wife is childless. How then shall I give the land of promise to children not yet born, or how shall you establish the covenant of promise with my seed, seeing that I have sown fallow ground?”

Beginnings 27:14


For the promise of eternal life is given to all the children of men, for as God would send his rain unto the good and the bad, so shall he grant the fulfillment of all his words.

But to those who shall keep my words to obey them, and who shall follow diligently after me, unto them shall be given exaltation and eternal life in the kingdom of God.

Wisdom 14:55-56


For the promise is given unto all who desire to walk uprightly before the God of Heaven, that even unto them might be established the fulfillment of every good thing.

Wisdom 19:17


Now hear and understand that you might have hope in the promise of the Lord, for whatsoever person shall seek the Lord his God, unto that one shall I reveal the mysteries of Heaven. For I delight to make myself known unto all the children of men and not just a few.”

Wisdom 21:35


But unto all is given the promise that as God is, even might the children of men become if they will but choose to walk uprightly before the Lord in all godliness.

Wisdom 22:19


Wherefore, seeing that there is but one way whereby the hopeful might attain unto so great a glory, to dwell in peace forever beside the Father and Mother of their soul, it was expedient to send them forth into mortality, whereby they might come to a knowledge of good and evil.

And if they will take unto their souls the good, then shall they become one with God in all holiness, and eternity shall be made their dwelling place.

For this cause were there made certain covenants whereby the children of God are bound unto a fullness of promise, that when they shall prove themselves faithful to follow in the ways of God always, they shall be granted eternal life and there shall be prepared for them thrones of glory.

Wisdom 24:7-9


Covenant of Fullness