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Khirbet Qumran / Qumran


Pronunciation:  KHIR-bet + KOOM-rahn

Occurrences:  6

First Reference:  Yeshua 1:5


And there arose against the king and against the temple in Jerusalem John the Baptizer, an Essene of great renown from the city of Khirbet Qumran, and he spoke hotly against the sins of Herod, and against the rulers of the temple did he lay forth strong accusations.



See:  John the Baptizer, Damascus, Essenes, Gnosis, Nag Hammadi, Yeshua


Summary:  Khirbet Qumran had two primary habitations. The first was built by John the Baptizer and the Essenes on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. Qumran was the central dwelling place of the Essenes, a religious sect established by John the Baptizer. According to scripture, Yeshua studied in Qumran for eleven years — from age nineteen to thirty (AZCYeshua and Mary), and was appointed by John the Baptizer as a priest among the Essene community (W:29:11).


With the death of John (34 CE), the Essenes left Qumran and, after recovering John’s body, journeyed to Elephantine, Egypt, where John was buried. Upon their leaving to Egypt, the Essenes burnt Khirbet Qumran to the ground. A few years later, after Yeshua’s departure, the Nazoreans rebuilt and re-inhabited Qumran, which came to be known as Damascus. (Lesson notes: April 2008)


Scripture correlates the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls near Qumran (1947-1956) with the birth of the Friend of God (Azrael Ondi-Ahman), signifying the return of the Teacher of Righteousness and the restoration of gnosis (W:29:18).



Azrael’s Commentary — John the Baptizer

...[John the Baptizer] created a religious sect which came to be known as the Essenes. The word is Adamic and refers to those who desire to heal. John the Baptizer was known among the Essenes as: The Teacher of Righteousness. What might surprise some is the fact that John built a temple in Egypt, in a small city called Elephentine (sic). John died in 34 CE.


Azrael’s Commentary — Yeshua and Mary

[...] One day as Yeshua was working, a stranger came to the shop. He was an Essene sent by John with a simple message: “Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, get you up and go quickly unto John, for he shall teach you the things which you must know.”


So Yeshua spoke to Mary and told her of the things which he must do. And knowing that women were not allowed into the Essene community at Khirbet Qumran, Mary said that she would go with him as far as Bethany where she would stay with her parents. When Joseph and Miriam heard of Yeshua’s decision to go to John, and of Mary’s decision to live with her parents, they proved sad but supportive. They knew that Yeshua would be gone a long time. It would be the last time that Yeshua would see Joseph alive.


When Yeshua entered Qumran, he was washed and anointed. He then was made to take a vow of celibacy which was to last a full year. During that year Mary lived in Bethany. Her family was fully supportive of Yeshua’s decision to submit himself to the teachings and disciplines of John the Baptizer...Yeshua stayed with John for eleven years. [...]





And John spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Why do the scribes and Pharisees teach that Elijah must first come to prepare the way of the Lord?”

And this spoke John because he knew not whom John the Baptizer was.

And Yeshua answered him, saying: “I tell you truly that Elijah is come already and they knew him not, but did unto him whatsoever they willed.”

When he had said this, the disciples knew in their hearts that he spake of none other save the Essene which was come up from Khirbet Qumran.

Yeshua 19:12-15


And when he had come to stand before John, to put forth his petition, even John did set Yeshua above all the other Essenes which were gathered in Khirbet Qumran, to appoint him a serving priest within the community of believers.

Wisdom 29:11


Then came forth the second sign, for at the birth of the Friend of God, did there spring up suddenly before the world, still another treasure; for there was found in the desert of Qumran the lost books of the very Essenes, of whom John himself was the only father, signifying the return of the Teacher of Righteousness and the restoration of the lost gnosis of God.

Wisdom 29:18


Khirbet Shimon