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Olivia Spadania


Pronunciation:  o-LIH-vee-uh + speh-DAHN-yuh

Occurrences:  3

First Reference:  3rd Endowment 26:41


For in the founding of the empire did Maximus Drakonus, First Lord and Emperor of all this realm, did himself strip the woman Olivia; and because of her betrayal was every woman made to live poor and wretched lives;



See:  Drakonia, First Power, First Track, First World, Maximus Drakonus, Petragia, Rome


Summary:  During the First Track, prior to the birth of the Drakonian Empire, Olivia Spadania was the niece of Roman Emperor, Marius. Spadania was a beautiful and intelligent woman, but her scandalous behavior eventually got her banished to Spain, then eventually from the continent. She was sent across the ocean to Trajenium (located in modern-day Maryland). Once there, she began an affair with the newly appointed Caesar of Trajenium named Drakonus. When Drakonus led the revolt against Rome, Olivia played both sides, supporting Drakonus but also feeding information to Rome regarding the plans of her lover. In spite of this, Drakonus proved victorious against Rome and was soon crowned emperor of the newly founded empire of Drakonia. When the Drakonian island fortress of Petragia (modern-day Iceland) fell back into the possession of Roman forces, Drakonus discovered it was Olivia who provided Rome with the island’s defense plans. Drakonus had Olivia tortured to death and ordered all wives of nobility to be executed. It was Drakonus, founder of the Drakonian empire, who instituted the severe subjugation and slavery of women, ensuring that women would never be in a position to betray the empire again.


More than 600 years later, Kronus Maximillius and the 42nd Emperor of Drakonia, Maximillius Drakonus, challenged the repressive customs enforced throughout the empire for so long (3:20:15). While the social revolution gained considerable momentum, Drakonia fell into civil war following the death of Kronus and the Emperor (3:31:11-17). All progress toward liberating and empowering the women of Drakonia was ultimately lost (3:31:38-45).



Azrael’s Commentary - Olivia Spadania


(Olivia of Spain) Niece to the Roman Emperor, Marius. Banished from Rome at the age of nineteen for intrigue and for offending the Emperor’s wife. She was sent into exile to the Spanish province of Madrid. In Spain, Olivia was involved in a series of scandals and was again exiled and sent as far away from Rome as possible. Arriving in the capital of Trajenium (near modern-day Baltimore, Maryland) she became a sudden celebrity. Known for her beauty and intelligence, Olivia was wined and dined by the leading nobility of the day. While attending a party given in her honor, she met the newly appointed Caesar of Trajenium. His name was Drakonus and Olivia began a torrid sexual affair with him.


Years later, when Drakonus revolted against Rome, Olivia tried to play to both sides of the conflict. She encouraged and supported Drakonus privately and in public, while secretly she fed information to Rome on the plans and designs of her lover. Yet despite this, Roman generals proved unable to defeat Drakonus in battle. His genius for war and his fierceness in battle eventually caused Roman forces to withdraw to Londinium. Drakonus was crowned Emperor and the Drakonian empire was born.


In an outrageous act of betrayal, Olivia betrayed the defensive plans of Petragia; and in a surprising move, Rome regained the island fortress. In an unguarded moment, Olivia betrayed herself by secretly boasting of her complicity in the defeat to friends. When she realized that she, herself, might be betrayed, she bought passage on a cargo ship. It was her belief that she would be richly rewarded by her uncle (Emperor Marius) for proving her loyalty to Rome in the return of Petragia. However, the captain of the cargo ship reported her intentions to the Stazzi, and as she was boarding the ship in the dead of night, she was arrested and brought before Drakonus.


Under severe torture, Olivia out of pure spite, revealed that many of the wives of the nobility had supported her efforts in aiding Roman forces. The infuriated Drakonus ordered the death of Olivia as well as all the wives of the nobility. Hundreds of women were executed in the cruelest manner, and shortly after, Drakonus ordered that no woman should ever be placed in a position of betraying the empire again. As a result, all women were stripped of all rights and privileges, forbidden the wearing of clothing and forced into sexual slavery and servitude. The horribly mutilated body of Olivia was returned to Rome on a cargo ship.





Now the Emperor spoke to Kronus, saying: “Know you not, Kronus, how the place and status of women was determined from the beginning?

For in the founding of the empire did Maximus Drakonus, First Lord and Emperor of all this realm, did himself strip the woman Olivia; and because of her betrayal was every woman made to live poor and wretched lives;

Being stripped of name and place, being in their flesh both cut and branded as though they were cattle which we did breed through rape and plunder; being made to walk about in constant shame and fear, being themselves naked and unadorned.[...]

For it was this Olivia which delivered into the hands of Rome, the fortress island of Petragia; causing to fall upon every woman a dreadful curse and shame.

3rd Endowment 26:40-42, 54



Olaha Shinehah