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Pronunciation:  SKREE-ling

Occurrences:  18

First Reference:  6th Endowment 4:28


Thus did there begin to evolve a great division among the primitive clans of early man, causing that those who gave heed to the teachings of the spirits should be called Enoshahim, while all those who would not give heed for fear of Jehovah-Yahweh, even these became known as the ‘screelings’, being themselves wild and ignorant and filled with brutish thoughts.



See:  Enosh, Enoshahim, Jehovah-Yahweh, Nile River


Summary:  With the advent of Shaemdiel’s first dispensation (c. 50,000 BCE?), a great division began to form among the native humans of earth. Those who followed the teachings of Shaemdiel and the Fallen spirits became designated as the “Enoshahim”, while those who would not give heed to Shaemdiel due to fear of the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh, became known as “screelings”. Through the guidance of Shaemdiel and the spirits, the Enoshahim came to be greatly advantaged over the screelings, as they received knowledge of mastering fire, and making tools, weapons and clothing. Under the direction and laws of Shaemdiel, the Enoshahim also began to forge tribes bound by custom, language and belief (6:5:1-4,8). As the Enoshahim developed and prospered, the screelings remained “wild and ignorant and filled with brutish thoughts” (6:4:28).


Interaction between the Enoshahim and the screelings was violent. The Enoshahim would attack the lesser and weaker clans of the screelings, taking territory and resources for themselves. Prisoners were offered the chance to be adopted into the tribe or be killed (6:5:9-10). While the screelings eventually acquired and learned to use weapons created by the Enoshahim, they remained at a significant disadvantage when set upon by larger and better equipped tribes of the Enoshahim (6:5:28-29).




Refer to:  6th Endowment 4 — 5

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For the screelings which dwelt in the lands round about did often attack the clan of Enosh, for the screelings were made bitter and filled with envy and fear against the Enoshahim; seeing in them a threat which would one day prove greater than themselves.

But behind the depredations of the screelings moved the shadow of Jehovah, being himself aware of the intentions of Shaemdiel and all those which followed after him; causing that the Demiurge should likewise seek to frustrate Shaemdiel in the working of his design.

6th Endowment 4:32-33


Thus did the Enoshahim become a power and a force, and wheresoever they found the clans of the screelings, they did most fiercely attack, driving the screelings from the valleys of the river Nile, to claim the lands for themselves; taking into their possession the best of hunting grounds and the lands made rich with fruits and grains.

But the clans of the screelings, even though ununited among themselves, did resist with utmost fierceness the encroachments of the Enoshahim; ever creeping and prowling about the land, seeking through attrition to diminish the numbers of the tribe, to make them vulnerable to destruction.

Thus was there fueled a fierce and bitter contest between the Enoshahim and the screelings; and by and by the screelings did steal away the secrets of the atlatl and the sling; having taken them from the Enoshahim which they had killed.

Yet did the Enoshahim continue to prosper, while the clans of the screelings grew weak and thin; being unable to withstand so great a number as the Enoshahim would send against them; for under the teachings of Enosh did the tribe become ever more united through the development of tribal life and custom.

6th Endowment 5:26-29

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