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Season of the Song


Occurrences:  5

First Reference:  Enlightenment 4:1


In the Season of the Song, by the waters of Yoshibeth did the Lords and Gods of Elohim gather, and there assembled before Galendriel certain mothers of the heavenly hosts:



See:  Cherubim, Heaven


Summary:  In the early creation stages of the First Heaven (the Telestial Kingdom), the presiding Cherubim of each of the three tribes determined there should be an annual festival in which all the Cherubim gather into one place for 120 days to commune and rest from all their labors (4:4:5-10). This grand celebration, called the “Season of the Song”, matured to include all the hosts of Heaven (E:4:1).


As God progressed from the Telestial to the Terrestrial Kingdom, the Cherubim of the Goieye petitioned to remain in the Telestial Kingdom, to counsel and guide the citizens therein. God’s only condition was that the Goieye gather each year for the Season of the Song (4:32:6-9).


Scripture recounts how Rutheniel, Sophiel and other Heavenly Mothers of the Elohim gathered during the Season of the Song seeking wisdom and counsel from Queen Galendriel regarding the darkness wrought in Paradise by Shaemdiel, the Chief Archon of Elohim (E:4:1-35).




Now it came about that the presiding cherub of each House did gather among themselves, being desirous to establish for the good of all a great celebration; for they determined that there should be given, once a year, a great festival, to bring into one place even all the Cherubim together.

And so the Cherubim were made to gather by the waters of the sea, upon a broad and fertile plain, each according to their House and tribe, each according to their Congregation, causing that there should be numbered a greatly swelling host, being each in every bosom filled with soft emotions.

Thus did the cherubs rejoice together at the great festival, which festival was quickly called the Season of the Song; for the heavens were filled with singing, and there gathered among the cherubs a great many animals, being themselves desirous to mingle and rejoice among the angels of God.

And there came to the Cherubim from the seas and oceans round about, the dolphins and the whales; for hearing through the Tael of the Season of the Song, they were desirous to rejoice also; playing in the ocean deep, each among themselves, calling out above the waves in songs of joy for the cherubs to come and play.

So the Cherubim rejoiced for one hundred and twenty days without surcease, rejoicing among themselves and all creation also, going out upon the land to sing to the animals and to feed them a sweet ambrosia, flying also above the seas to touch and play with the creatures of the deep.

And the world of the First Heaven was made content through the rejoicing of the angels; and when the festival was made complete, then did the Cherubim return each to their own domains, being themselves content and filled with great resolve to labor at their many duties in bringing about the designs of God.

4th Endowment 4:5-10

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