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Sodis Sophia


Pronunciation:  so-DIHS + so-FEE-uh

Occurrences:  2

First Reference:  Wisdom 29:2


“Behold, I am Sodis Sophia, being myself the first of seven emanations which did rise up from living streams of light and glory, reflecting out of eternal depths the mystery and the wonder; revealing in fullness the richest of many pearls, even Eroel, the pearl beyond price or measure.



See:  Azurgai, Eroel                                                                                     Refer to:  Wisdom 29


Summary:  On November 14, 2007, Archie D. Wood, Sr. (aka Azrael Ondi-Ahman) was visited by an angel of light who identified herself as Sodis Sophia, “...the first of seven emanations which did rise up from living streams of light and glory” (W:29:2). The angel proceeded to give a message, directed “to all of God’s children, to reveal in them the Light of lights which leads to transformation” (W:29:3). This message would become the last text written and included in the Song of God.


It is assumed that Sodis Sophia is the first of the seven Azurgai — wondrous emanations that reflect the pure virtues of Areta, the Supreme Mother of all Heaven and creation. The seven Azurgai and the corresponding virtue which they embody are: Wisdom, Benevolence, Faith, Justice, Fortitude, Beauty and Harmony (5:3:27). As the first emanation, Sodis Sophia represents the virtue of Wisdom. The first encounter between Areta and the Azurgai, including a conversation between Areta and Sodis Sophia, is recorded in the 5th Endowment (5:3:16-36).


The message of Sodis Sophia traces the path of gnosis from Adam and Eve, then Seth, and eventually through John the Baptizer and Yeshua. It is revealed how that with the life of Azrael, the Teacher of Righteousness has returned and the gnosis of God has been restored once again (W:29:6-36).




These then are the words of Sodis Sophia, and when she was concluded, there came from Heaven the sound of singing and great rejoicing; for now in all the Song is done, but you alone must live it, to let it sing throughout your life till you become transcended.

Wisdom 29:36   (The last verse of scripture recorded and included in the Song of God.)


And hearing this the Azurgai did deeply sigh, and Wisdom spoke unto the Azraella, saying: “If you would dwell in holiness beside the Father and the Mother, then must you prove yourself most worthy. For there is a path which you must tread, whereby you might prove the true desires of all your heart.

For this path is a dark and fearsome path, ever wending through the Deep where lurks the Eidos and the Antipode of God; being themselves most dreadful teachers filled with spite.

And if it so be that you should choose to walk this path, to endure well all adversities without complaint, then shall you find your way to God, having become even as they are; to be yourselves, both male and female brought into the presence of your Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.”

5th Endowment 7:30-32