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Zion (figurative)


Occurrences:  21 (Yeshua - 5)   (Wisdom - 16)

First Reference:  Yeshua 1:36


Rise forth, O Zion, and rejoice, for I bring you good tidings. Get thee up, O Jerusalem, stand you forth even as a bride upon the holy mount and lift up your voice with shouts of hosanna and be not afraid any longer; at his coming proclaim aloud unto the cities of Judah: Behold your God!”



See:  Xion, Zion (city), Zion (Holy One of)


Summary:  The term “Zion” is used figuratively throughout the books of Yeshua and Wisdom to designate the children of God, or the children of promise. Examples include such phrases as: “daughters of Zion”, “shepherds of Zion”, “house of Zion”, etc. In the book of Wisdom, Emmanuel refers to Zion as “my people”.


Behold, thus saith the Lord, even Emmanuel, that in that day shall I dwell in the temple of my house, which I shall cause to be established in the homes of all those who covenant to obey my voice.

And they shall be my people, even Zion, and I shall be their God. And in the day appointed I shall lift them up on high, even unto exaltation in the kingdom of God, and I shall seal upon them their inheritance.

Wisdom 5:10-11


The book of Wisdom also includes God’s indictment against the “house of Christ” and contemporary church leaders referred to as the “shepherds of Zion”. The indictment also includes the people of Zion who have strayed from their covenants (Wisdom, chapters 1—5).


An interesting correlation is introduced in Wisdom 28:12, which makes reference to “Xion”, the place from which the Gods of Heaven will descend to gather at the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman at the closing of the seventh dispensation on this world (W:28:12-15). According to teachings of the author, the transcendent city of Zion (or Xion) is the primary city of the moon of the seventh moon of the Mahaliel system. It is from this moon that the spirit children of God are dreaming their mortal lives on the world of the First Power (source needed).





For out of Zion shall the law go forth unto all the earth, and from his habitation shall the word spring up readily.

Yeshua 10:78


Now, therefore, thus saith the Lord your God: Consider now, O Zion, your ways.

You have sought after the honors of men and have forsaken righteousness altogether. The wealth of the world have you desired to take unto yourselves. You have rejected eternal life and in the kingdom of God you have no portion.

You keep with strictness the Word of Wisdom as if to obey, yet you know me not.

Upon the roof tops you proclaim yourselves as my elect, yet you have separated yourselves far from me. You have built a wall of possessions that it should separate you from me, evensomuch that you can no longer hear my voice calling after you all the day long.

Hear, O Zion, the Lord your God: Consider now your ways, and turn again unto me.

Wisdom 3:16-20


Zion (city)
Zion (Holy One of)