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Chapter 5

Shaemdiel’s Enoshahim
Forging a tribe – Law and custom, language and belief: the fire that binds – Enosh establishes the laws of Shaemdiel – War is declared upon all screelings – The law of the highest good: utilitarianism – Enosh leads attack on a clan of screelings – Screelings offered a choice: adoption or death – The Enoshahim grow in numbers – The clans of the screelings resist the Enoshahim – The Enoshahim continue to prosper – Enosh dies, the daughter becomes shaman – Jehovah-Yahweh despises Shaemdiel and Enoshahim – Screelings wander in fear and weakness – Shaemdiel convenes the Fallen – The battle begins between Jehovah-Yahweh and the Fallen – Yaldabaoth grows weary of the struggle, a troubled truce is enforced – Yaldabaoth dismisses Jehovah and speaks to Shaemdiel – Protecting the seed of God’s beginning – Yaldabaoth’s price for peace – Shaemdiel agrees, yet has plans of his own – Mahaleenah continues to observe, Azraella returns to The One


1  And so the people of the clan heard with eagerness the plans of Enosh, feeling within themselves a thrilling rush of great excitement filled with expectations; for the shaman spoke of mighty forgings, fusing into one a tribe which would prove itself before the screelings as something strong, indomitable and relentless.

2  For the fires which would prove sufficient into uniting together the several clans which lived along the Nile, even these fires would Enosh force upon all those clans who should prove weaker than her own; being themselves compelled through fear and promise to yield themselves to the fires which would bind and fuse together.

3  Know then and always remember that it is law and custom, language and belief which would prove the fire that binds together the many into one; creating in the minds of all its members, a united people, shaping through the rigors of discipline a tribe worthy of notice.

4  To become themselves a force and a movement upon the land, causing that they should little fear the whims of nature or of beasts; becoming through prowess and cunning as masters upon the land, for their destiny did Shaemdiel himself foresee; and this destiny did Shaemdiel begin to shape through the teachings of Enosh unto her people.

5  Now on a certain day did Enosh gather together the people of her clan, which clan possessed but nineteen people only; and seeing that they had been benefited already through the gift of the atlatl, the sling and other things beside, they paid most careful heed.

6  And before the clan did Enosh place the laws of Shaemdiel: For it was forbidden that any member should murder or steal within the tribe; and whosoever should break the law, even that one would be put to death.

7  But of those who dwelt outside the tribe was it permitted that they be killed and robbed by the members of the tribe; for according to the law were only the members of the tribe seen as human, while all others were but hairless baboons which would seek to harm the people of the tribe.

8  Thus against the screelings did Enosh proclaim a constant state of war; which war would enforce the rigors of the law, to make of many clans a single tribe which would act as one together; forging through ever changing needs, a social structure bound by language, custom and belief.

9  Now Enosh proclaimed that every clan outside her own was nothing but subhuman; offering to them either death or adoption, for in the giving of death was there no mercy given; but if a clan should choose to join themselves to the clan of Enosh, then would mercy cause that they should be adopted.

10  Becoming themselves through the trial of purification, as those made human and worthy of inclusion, to stand as members of the tribe; letting go their former state to become instead a new creature, being themselves both shaped and guided by the laws of Shaemdiel.

11  Now Enosh proclaimed before the clan the law of the highest good, having as its single purpose that which proved utilitarian in nature; stating before the clan that whatsoever was good for the greatest number was the only good worthy of consideration.

12  Thus did Enosh most carefully lay the foundation upon which would rest the Law of Immediate Recompense; seeking through the rule of utilitarianism to find those things which might prove ‘useful’ in the life of the tribe; yet being in its aims and purposes not concerned with the hidden mystery of all things beautiful and rare.

13  And all the clan, in the hearing of Enosh, did give consent, to become themselves the nucleus around which a tribe would form and grow, separating themselves forever from the world of lesser men, to become themselves superior and aloof.

14  Now there lived not far from the people of Enosh, a small clan of screelings which possessed but fourteen persons only; and against this clan did Enosh lead her people; and on her right did she place the chief hunter, and on her left did she place a woman who proved superior in the using of the sling.

15  And together did the whole clan most quietly advance in the darkness before the dawn, even till they surrounded the smaller clan together as they lay sleeping on the ground; and with a shout they did leap upon them with a sudden fierceness.

16  And in the struggle did the smaller clan soon cease to resist the people of Enosh; for the chief hunter of the smaller clan did fall in battle, being himself pierced through the heart by the spear from the atlatl; causing that the members of his clan should weep and wail with great despair;

17  Falling down upon the ground and yielding themselves in quick surrender lest they also perish, for the spear and hurling stone did wreak havoc upon the lesser clan; and seeing that the screelings would no longer fight, Enosh cried surcease, and suddenly there came a deep and fearful calm.

18  Then did Enosh go among the lesser clan, dressed in clothes of the finest leather, wearing around her neck a necklace of twelve blue stones and having in her hand a stave most finely carved; and all which saw her did gaze in awe and fear, not knowing now what would befall them.

19  Quickly then did Enosh command that all the fallen be strongly bound, having their hands tied behind them and a leather leash bound tight around their necks; and there was taken captive some eleven persons, for of the lesser clan had three fallen into death.

20  And when all was made secure, Enosh did command that the captives be quickly taken to the encampment of the victors, both they and all their goods; for the possessions of the captives did Enosh order confiscated for the benefit of the tribe.

21  And for a period of one year did the captives remain as slaves; yet did Enosh order that the captives be treated with kindness, seeking through fear and tenderness to entice them into seeking favor whereby they might desire themselves to be adopted into the tribe of Enosh.

22  For Enosh forbade the warring against other clans till the former captives were adopted into the tribe; and all those which did refuse to be adopted, even these were made to die upon the stake; to become themselves as food for the beasts of prey.

23  Thus did Enosh set before the captives both life and death, fear and tenderness; and in the passing of the year did Enosh command that all captives be taught in the language and law of her people; and in the appointed season did every captive choose themselves to be adopted into the tribe of Enosh.

24  And the tribe grew, becoming themselves the very Enoshahim, for they did conquer and absorb through adoption twelve smaller clans, causing that the Enoshahim should stand numbered at two hundred and twelve people.

25  And in a great cave did they choose to live; being sheltered from the natural elements which often raged about them, permitting that the Enoshahim should grow and develop into a single minded people which dominated the land they lived on.

26  Thus did the Enoshahim become a power and a force, and wheresoever they found the clans of the screelings, they did most fiercely attack, driving the screelings from the valleys of the river Nile, to claim the lands for themselves; taking into their possession the best of hunting grounds and the lands made rich with fruits and grains.

27  But the clans of the screelings, even though ununited among themselves, did resist with utmost fierceness the encroachments of the Enoshahim; ever creeping and prowling about the land, seeking through attrition to diminish the numbers of the tribe, to make them vulnerable to destruction.

28  Thus was there fueled a fierce and bitter contest between the Enoshahim and the screelings; and by and by the screelings did steal away the secrets of the atlatl and the sling; having taken them from the Enoshahim which they had killed.

29  Yet did the Enoshahim continue to prosper, while the clans of the screelings grew weak and thin; being unable to withstand so great a number as the Enoshahim would send against them; for under the teachings of Enosh did the tribe become ever more united through the development of tribal life and custom.

30  For within the tribe was there peace and plenty, even though they warred continually against the screelings; for by the law of the tribe did every man and every woman work for the good of the tribe and not for themselves alone, seeing themselves advantaged as the tribe was made to prosper.

31  Now Enosh had a daughter, and whensoever Enosh would go forth to speak with Shaemdiel, she would take along her child; teaching to her the things she knew; being in her teaching both firm and kind and filled with great demands.

32  And towards the daughter did Shaemdiel feel a deep affection, for she proved quick to learn and most attentive; being in her disposition unassuming yet deeply aware, being in her demeanor most respectful and ever helpful to the people of the tribe.

33  And for twenty years did Enosh guide the people of the tribe; being herself the shaman and the master of the fire; and all which she knew did she pass to the daughter; and when she was near forty years of age, Enosh grew ill and filled with weariness.

34  And in the depths of her illness did Enosh call together even all the tribe, each arranged according to their clan, and before all the people did she pass to her daughter the necklace which Shaemdiel had made and the stave most curiously carved and fashioned.

35  In this manner did the mantle of shaman pass from the mother to the daughter, and before Enosh were all the people made to swear an oath, to heed the daughter’s counsel from that day forth; for now would the daughter take the mother’s place in communing with the spirit.

36  Now Enosh died and all the tribe did weep for her, and with great solemnity did the daughter bury her mother; filling her grave with willow baskets filled with flowers, and from that day did the tribe give to the daughter the affection of all their heart.

37  Thus through the regions of the Nile did the Enoshahim take root and flourish, establishing through skill and mastery a territory of their own; having driven out before them the screelings which prowled and lurked about.

38  Yet all which Shaemdiel did for the sake of the Enoshahim, even this did Jehovah-Yahweh observe with fiercely rising bitterness; causing that the Demiurge should rage against all mankind, seeing in them a weakness which would steal away their fear of the Demiurge.

39  Causing that Jehovah-Yahweh should seek to undo what Shaemdiel had brought to pass through careful manipulation, seeing in the rise of the Enoshahim the scattering and demise of all those clans which gave most fearful heed to the darksome lord of chaos.

40  For already had many clans fled eastward, to leave behind the lands of the Nile; hoping that in their wandering they might find another land where the Enoshahim did not dwell; causing that there should enter into Mesopotamia the many clans of the screelings, to camp themselves beside the Tigris and Euphrates.

41  But soon again there fell upon them another tribe of the Enoshahim, which very tribe the sons and daughters of Shaemdiel had themselves established along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates; being in their laws and customs similar to the Enoshahim which dwelt along the Nile.

42  And again did the screelings flee eastward, to settle along the banks of the Indus River; to dwell alone in fear of the Demiurge called Jehovah; being themselves content to be no more than animals which lived in fear of men and beasts, becoming themselves as small wandering clans paltry thin and fragile.

43  Seeing therefore the effect which Shaemdiel had worked upon the house of man, Jehovah-Yahweh did rage and fume constantly against the Enoshahim; cursing from the darkness of the Void the elevation of women; causing that the Demiurge should plot continually midst dreadful musings to bring the Fallen to account.

44  Now on a certain day did Shaemdiel convene together all those sons and daughters which had followed after him, that he might confer with them on what should be done for all the Enoshahim together; both those who lived along the Nile and those who lived along the Tigris and Euphrates.

45  For it was his desire to shape the first dispensation which would put into place the Law of Immediate Recompense, forging through the fire of strict obedience a people who would appear to all as holy; having been compelled through the fear of retribution into choosing only what is good.

46  Yet there gathered around the Fallen, the darkness of Jehovah, and like a billowing cloud of blackness there flashed around the angels a storm of red and purple flames; and in an instant did Shaemdiel shout a mighty roar and leap into the darkness and all the angels with him.

47  And there erupted within the darkness the sounds of furious battle, for the Fallen did lash against Jehovah with fierce intent, hurling him away from earth, to cast him into space; striking hard with relentless fury against the hurtful foe.

48  Causing that Jehovah should seize hold of Shaemdiel, to strive with all his might; and with desperate command did Jehovah call forth his many legions, which like a cloud of locusts did leap from out of endless depths, and with fury did the army of Jehovah strive against the sons and daughters of Shaemdiel.

49  Thus began a furious struggle between the Fallen and the Demiurge, for Jehovah desired to kill the Enoshahim, to extinguish them forever; yet was he prevented by the fearsome powers of Shaemdiel; causing that the angels and the darkness should find each other unable to gain some quick advantage.

50  And the battle struggled onward, first going one way and then another, permitting that the ages of man should move quietly on; yielding up before the Enoshahim generations of prosperity and of peace, causing that the Enoshahim should grow in number and in dominion.

51  Yet in the passing of the ages did Yaldabaoth grow weary of the battle between the angels and Jehovah, and with great and dreadful suddenness did he leap from out of the womb of night, and behind him stood all the legions of the Demiurge together, possessing in their vast array nine massive separate armies.

52  And with fearsome power did Yaldabaoth seize hold of Jehovah and all his many legions, to separate them from Shaemdiel and all his sons and daughters; and the dimensions which bound together all powers, dominions and principalities did quake before the will of the Chief Demiurgos.

53  Then did Yaldabaoth command surcease, to establish between such bitter foes a troubled truce filled with great resentments; for Yaldabaoth did divide the elements of the earth, giving to Jehovah the elements of land and sea and all things which lived therein except the Enoshahim.

54  And to Shaemdiel did Yaldabaoth apportion the skies above the earth, and upon the land was he given control over all rivers, streams and lakes; and this for the sake of the Enoshahim; for it was appointed that Shaemdiel should watch over the tribes of Enosh, to do with them as he pleased; for in the house of man did Yaldabaoth seek to find that one from whom all the Gods were come.

55  Yet did Yaldabaoth keep such knowledge away from Jehovah, lest he destroy the seed from which God and Heaven came; being himself compelled by envy, jealousy and wrath to extinguish the light and glory which Yaldabaoth sought to master.

56  And having divided between Shaemdiel and Jehovah the elements of the earth, Yaldabaoth dismissed even all the Demiurge, permitting that he alone should counsel with the Fallen; to make with Shaemdiel an agreement concerning the coming forth of that one most singular man who would lay the foundations of Heaven and eternal life forever.

57  For it was Yaldabaoth’s intent to protect the man from every harm, that he might seduce him to his purpose; causing that the man should see in Yaldabaoth his one and only God; forcing into shadow the kingdoms of Light which in the Heavens moved.

58  But in his speaking to Shaemdiel did Yaldabaoth prove most discreet, being himself careful in not revealing the depths of all his truth; hiding in most subtle words his purpose and intent; and to this end did Yaldabaoth speak, saying:

59  “Consider Shaemdiel, how I have given into your keeping the house of man whereby you might do with them even as you please; having decided against my own son to favor you instead; yet be you wise and quick forewarned, for still will Jehovah strive to steal from you the devotions of Enoshahim, to take them to himself.

60  For of all my sons which now are ten, Jehovah is most fearsome, being in his nature filled with violence and with hate; eager himself to seem as god whereby he might be feared and worshipped; standing before their trembling eyes as a power filled with doom.

61  Prove yourself therefore as one made vigilant and most aware, for between you and Jehovah is there no peace which can be made, save what I alone enforce; permitting that you might work the fullness of your will upon this world so far beyond.

62  Yet for peace would I place a price, a price which you must pay, for if I would give to you the tribes of man, then must you seek to find a man which I most seek to know; being himself unique and filled with subtle strangeness, possessing in his nature the seed of many mysteries.

63  This do I demand as payment in return, giving to you the sum of man save this one person only. Watch with care and prove most knowing regarding my designs, that when the man is made revealed, even then will you come to me to give him to my keeping.”

64  So spoke Yaldabaoth, and he gave to Shaemdiel a darkly written scroll, which scroll contained all those things by which the Fallen might find the man he sought; but of why Yaldabaoth should seek the man, not a word was writ or spoken.

65  Yet as Shaemdiel gave agreement, in his heart he plotted darkly, being resolved to find the man to keep him for himself: For what was one man only that Yaldabaoth should seek to find him?

66  These then are the secret turnings which moved between Shaemdiel and Yaldabaoth, and behind the veil stood watching the Father and his Daughter, and quickly did the Azraella return to the quorum of The One, while the Mahaleenah remained behind to keep a watchful eye.