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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 22

Methuselah reveals a mystery to Noah – Methuselah dreams of a flood to come – Petitioning God to save mankind – Noah’s promise to speak to God – Patriarchal prayer of intercession – God comes and speaks to Noah – Spirit of adoption is promised – God’s promise of deliverance – Suzanne and the Matriarchal Order – Angels take Methuselah to God


1  On a certain day came Methuselah, the son of Ramsha to Noah, saying: “Come, my son, and walk with me a little way, for I have somewhat to speak unto you.”

2  And together they journeyed forth into a lonely place, and Methuselah spoke to Noah the son of Lamech, saying: “Consider, my son, the intent for which I have called you forth to this quiet place.

3  For I have come to you that you may be awakened. Therefore give ear to the words which I shall speak to you, that you may be wise before the Lord of Heaven, for I shall bring you to a remembrance of former things.

4  Now in the beginning did you walk among the noble and the mighty, being in the image and likeness of the Father. For in the beginning did the Lord of Hosts call forth seven mighty ones, and unto these did he grant the Laws of Dispensation wherein the way of exaltation might be established according to the power of God.

5  Thus has God prepared a way whereby the children of promise might come to a knowledge of heavenly things, for he desires continually to stretch forth the hands of mercy whereby all who are willing might receive unto their souls the election of his grace.

6  For in the beginning did God appoint unto you the fullness of his righteousness, for you are Gabriel, the Arch-Angel of God.

7  Thus in the kingdom of my Father are you made to dream, that your soul might be made to dwell in mortal flesh among the children of men, that you, being clothed in mortality like unto men, might come to a knowledge of their infirmities, seeing that you are made subject to the temptations of the flesh also.

8  Therefore, seeing that God has appointed into your keeping the Laws of Dispensation, whereby the glory of God should be brought to pass, I have desired to speak unto you.

9  For, behold, I am great with age and the days of my probation have become as a shadow. Yet am I made to trouble because of the children of men, for they have corrupted themselves with much iniquity.

10  For in the nighttime I dreamed a dream which filled my soul with sorrow, insomuch that I have become most anxious for the well-being of all the children of men and women.

11  Now I dreamed that there fell upon the earth a great rain, and as a mighty water overflowing was the earth made to perish, and all the children of men perished in their sins.

12  And I heard the laughter of the Fallen One, for he was made to rejoice in the death of all men, seeing that he would possess unto himself forever the souls of the wicked.

13  For he conspires continually against the children of men that he might seal them his, that they, being made to despair because of many sorrows, might be made partakers with him in rebelling against God.

14  Now behold, when I awakened, I was caused to fear greatly concerning the children of men, because there should come upon them, unawares, great destruction.

15  And in sorrow I cried unto the Lord, and the God of Heaven heard my prayer, and in a mighty vision did he come forth from the sanctuary of his majesty to comfort me. And many words did he speak to me concerning you, my son.

16  How that in the beginning you were some great one. For this cause came I unto you, for I am now great with age and filled with trouble continually on behalf of the children of men.

17  Therefore, I beseech you in the name of the Lord to put forth your hand to redeem all the children of men from the cunning designs of the evil one, lest all be made to perish and all the promises of the Lord, which he did make unto them, fade away with their passing.”

18  When Methuselah had finished speaking, Noah arose and spoke to him saying: “My father, I will go and inquire of the Lord concerning all the words which you have spoken unto me.

19  For I know that the Lord shall surely answer, seeing that I have walked uprightly before him all the days of my life.”

20  Now Noah was 455 years old when he went forth to inquire of the Lord concerning the words of Methuselah, the son of Ramsha.

21  So he journeyed forth unto a high mount, and when he had ascended, he built an altar made of stones, and there came upon him a deep stillness, and Noah, raising his hands to Heaven, spoke unto the Lord, saying:

22  “Hear, O Lord, the words of your servant, for earnestly have I sought after you all the days of my life. Behold how my soul thirsts for you, my body yearns for you, even as in a dry and thirsty land where no water is.

23  Come forth, O Lord, give ear to the pleadings of the willing heart. My soul shall surely find rest in you alone. In you is my joy made to spring forth as living waters, for you are the rock of my salvation.

24  You are my fortress in times of trouble; in the midst of great perplexity, you are my hope and my refuge, for my soul trusts in you.

25  For what does it matter unto me, O Lord, that some should trust in the strength of their arms, or that some should hope in vanity?

26  In you alone shall I trust all the days of my life. In the promise of your glory shall I leap for joy.

27  Thus shall I wait upon the Lord, though Heaven and earth should be moved out of their place, yet shall I wait patiently upon you.

28  For you, O Lord, have made known to me the paths of righteousness, you have filled me to overflowing with an abundance of peace, and by your presence am I made to know the mysteries of your glory and power.

29  Behold, O Lord, how you have trimmed my lamp by the beauty of your light, that the flame of your wisdom should burn within me.

30  For you alone have turned the night of many troubles into day again, that by your hand I should be led forth from the house of iniquity.

31  For when I consider the works of your hands, the world and all that is therein, my soul is filled with wonder.

32  For upon the waters of the deep have you established the land of my inheritance; upon the foundations of many waters have you established the tabernacle of God.

33  Who then shall ascend unto the mount of the Lord? Who shall there be to stand in the midst of his holy habitation?

34  Shall not he who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted up his soul to vanity, who has not sought after the strange imaginings of his heart?

35  Remember, O Lord, the promise which you did give unto the righteous, that whosoever should seek after you shall surely find you, that in the midst of your tabernacle shall the obedient behold your face and live.

36  Behold, O Lord, how I have seen you in the sanctuary and have beheld the fullness of your glory and your power.

37  Therefore, because your loving kindness towards me is better than life, I shall declare your glory before the children of men.

38  Because you have been my ever present help in times of trouble, I will sing in the shadow of your glory forever.

39  For behold, my soul follows hard after you, your right hand has lifted me up to the rock which is higher than any other.

40  Examine me, O Lord, and prove me; try my soul always, that I might be purified before you.

41  For your loving kindness is ever before me to guard the way of the heart, wherein I should walk before you in truth.

42  Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; see if there be any wicked way in me; lead me in the way everlasting.

43  Come forth, O Lord, from your habitation. Answer me, O God, out of the goodness of your love; in your great mercy turn to me.

44  Hide not your presence from before me, neither cover yourself that I should not see you, for, behold, I am greatly troubled. Come near unto me, O Holy One, and stretch forth your hand to save.

45  For, behold, you are my hiding place; in times of great trouble you have sheltered me; in the hour of great distress you did sing unto me the songs of my deliverance.

46  Surely you have become my strength and my song, for your word have I made as a lamp unto my feet, and as a light upon my path.

47  Because you alone are my God, by your loving kindness unto me am I made to hope in the promise of your word, even unto much assurance.

48  Come forth, O God, and attend your ear unto the prayer of the righteous. For he who planted the ear, shall he not hear? He that formed the eye, shall he not see? He that teaches unto the godly great wisdom, shall he not know how to save?

49  Come forth, O Lord, and deliver, for the Fallen One seeks to destroy; the children of men has he sought to devour in the moment of great iniquity.

50  For the wicked are encompassed round about by a multitude of sorrows. Yet whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall receive great mercy, and his sins shall you separate far from him.

51  Blessed is the man whose iniquities are forgiven, whose sins you have covered by the showing forth of your grace.

52  Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputes no transgression, because he has made the wicked whole again. For the Lord has declared aloud, the Lord has proclaimed the decree, saying:

53  ‘Come forth unto me, O children of men, and let us reason together, for though your sins be as scarlet, I shall make them white as snow; though your sins be as red as crimson, I shall make them as wool.’

54  Blessed is the man who has acknowledged his sins before you, who has not sought to cover up his iniquity, for unto such as these shall you forgive abundantly. You shall remove their guilt far from them.

55  Therefore, O God, as I have sought you with fervor, come forth and deliver, for evil presses hard against the children of men, and wickedness has corrupted many.”

56  Now as Noah stood praying, there came and stood above the altar the God of Heaven and there was round about him a gathering of the heavenly hosts; and with them stood Seraphim and Cherubim to guard the way of holiness lest any uncleanliness come nigh.

57  And the Lord spoke to Noah, saying: “Gabriel, my son, why are you made to despair over the children of men?

58  Did you not know that they are in my hands and that I will not forsake them, neither shall I let evil devour them?

59  For I have heard the pleas of the righteous and have prepared a way whereby the children of men shall receive a great and mighty blessing, such as never before has been given unto the children of men.

60  Now, therefore, take heart and be comforted, for I shall send to the house of Enosh the spirit of adoption, whereby I shall cause that the house of Enosh and the house of Adam should be made as one house in my hand.

61  For I shall send forth the spirit children of Emmanuel in abundance to the earth, even as the rain shall they descend unto the house of Enosh, both male and female.

62  And all who dwell upon the earth shall be made the seed of Adam, that all might come to a sure knowledge of good and evil, that even all men, both male and female, might receive the hope of exaltation in the kingdom of God.

63  And this shall I cause to be accomplished by reason of great mercy, which I desire to give unto all the children of men who are made to dwell upon the earth.

64  And all who are made to become of the house of Adam shall I give this promise, that whosoever shall seek to follow the Lord their God and covenant to obey him only, even they shall become the children of God by reason of adoption, wherein they shall be made to inherit the glory of the Father.

65  Now, therefore, go forth throughout the regions of the earth and proclaim the grace of God, that the children of men might prepare themselves for the day when many spirits shall descend from the Heavens, even as a mighty rushing of water.

66  Now fear not the cunning of Lucifer, for I shall not give into his hands the power whereby he might destroy all the children of men.

67  Neither shall he have power to take by violence the promise whereby all shall be made to become the house of Adam.

68  And over all who shall receive the adoption whereby they are made to become the children of promise shall he have no power given, for over the godly shall my Spirit attend, that they might receive unto their souls every good thing.

69  Neither shall any have power to pluck them out of my hand. For even though wicked men should rise up to persecute my anointed ones, even unto death, yet shall my right hand uphold them.

70  For though death should be made to press hard against the righteous, yet shall I deliver them unto life eternal, and they shall dwell peaceably beside the throne of God forever.

71  And unto the fallen who perish in the midst of sin shall Lucifer have no power to command, for I shall restore again the soul of the fallen, that they might dwell again among the living, whereby they might progress, even as they are able, nigh unto the throne of God where righteousness is made to dwell forever.

72  Now fear no more because of the designs of the Fallen One; neither fret yourself over the children of men, for by my Spirit shall all people become as one before me.

73  And I shall be as a loving Father unto all nations, kindreds and tongues, for I shall cause the Spirit of my righteousness to overshadow all the lands of the earth.

74  Therefore, my son, go forth and speak all the words which I shall give you. Proclaim unto all who will the power of my grace, whereby I shall bind together the house of Enosh and the house of Adam.

75  Speak unto them words of wisdom, that all who should have desire to seek after God might surely find him unto their greater joy, that all who should attain unto God by reason of a godly walk might receive unto themselves the greatest glory of all, even exaltation in the kingdom of God.

76  For all who are made to receive this glory, whether male or female, shall I make joint heirs of the Holy One of Zion, and in the kingdom of Heaven shall they partake of his fullness.

77  But unto your wife Suzanne speak tenderly, for I desire that she should be forewarned against the conspirings of evil men.

78  For, behold, the day shall come when the sons of men shall become filled with evil and they shall scorn the daughters of Eve, and the sons of men shall consider them of little worth.

79  Wherefore, seeing that the hearts of men shall grow hard towards the daughters of promise, I will that the priesthood of the Mother no longer be made to dwell upon the earth, lest the sons of men grieve the heart of God, and indignation and wrath fall upon them.

80  Yet this promise I give unto the daughters of Eve, that in the day appointed, the Father shall send forth one mighty and strong, and he shall turn the hearts of the children to the Fathers, and the hearts of the Fathers shall turn again unto the children, and he shall bind together the hearts of husband and wife; he shall seal together the promise of exaltation by way of much priesthood.

81  He shall restore again the priesthood of the Mother unto the daughters of Eve, and this by a solemn oath and covenant which he shall cause to be established among the faithful.

82  Therefore, go forth to your wife and speak unto her the words of the Lord, that she might be comforted against the day when the priesthood of the great Mother shall be taken away from the earth, because of the wickedness of men that shall be made manifest unto the daughters of promise.”

83  Now after the King of Heaven had spoken these words, Noah went forth from the mount and journeyed to the tent of Methuselah.

84  And Methuselah, being great with age, rejoiced exceedingly concerning the mercies of God toward the children of men.

85  And Methuselah blessed Noah, and he rested from all his labors, for when he was 825 years old, the angels did come forth to carry his soul unto God.