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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 29

The birth and circumcision of Isaac – Abraham prepares a feast – Sarah’s song of praise – Sarah sings to Heavenly Mother – An angel comes to Abraham in a dream – Abraham bathes and anoints himself – Melchizedek appoints Abraham High Priest and Patriarch – The Ancient of Days completes his story, and the Teacher writes


1  So Sarah conceived and in the season of the rains brought forth a son and named him Isaac, and Sarah rejoiced and the tent of Abraham was filled with blessing.

2  On the eighth day Sarah brought the boy to his father and Abraham circumcised the son, Isaac, that the promises of God might continue throughout all his generations.

3  And there was prepared a great feast and unto all the inhabitants round about did Abraham send word, saying: “Come and with me rejoice. For God has fulfilled his word to Abraham and Sarah, for unto us is born a prince whose name is Isaac.”

4  Now there gathered a multitude of people unto Mamre, and there was an abundance of joy that caused Sarah to sing to God a hymn of thanksgiving, saying:

5  “I will praise the Lord, with songs of joy will I dance before him. Come from afar all you people, assemble yourselves in verdant pastures and I will tell you the wonders of the Most High.

6  His glory will I make known to many people; the power of his word will I reveal, for in my old age he has given me a son. The promise of the Lord has made me young as a maiden.

7  Therefore, give ear, O generations, and to the wisdom of God attend the soul of your youth.

8  For the Lord reigns forever; the throne of righteousness has he established in the heavens, that he might be as a refuge to the oppressed of many nations; a tower of strength shall he become unto all who seek after him.

9  Arise from the poverty of all your ways and learn wisdom; stand forth as mighty ones in the knowledge of God; clothe yourselves in the light of his righteousness.

10  Awaken the slumbering soul and make him alive; redeem now the hopeless and despairing by the power of testimony; for surely God is a ready help in times of trouble.

11  Cast all your troubles upon the Lord, for he is mighty to save, for he cares for the children of his soul.

12  Let not the soul of the righteous droop with despair, neither be dismayed because evil has come upon you, for the promises of God are sure and rich in blessings.

13  For the Lord has filled my cup to overflowing, he has assigned my portion; the fulfillment of promise has he secured unto my soul forever.

14  Surely he has established my inheritance; my son has he made both prince and lord; as a healing balm has he made Isaac to become unto me.

15  Therefore, I will praise the Lord who counsels me; with joyful lips shall I sing his praise. In the watches of the night shall my heart turn to God that I might meditate upon the wonder of his ways.

16  The word of the Lord shall I set before my eyes, that I might not stumble in the waste places; because the Lord is the shade upon my right hand, I will not be shaken, neither will I be afraid anymore.

17  For he has filled my heart with gladness, I shall rejoice in the abundance of his grace. My soul shall rest secure in the knowledge of God, from his hand shall I not be moved.

18  For the Lord of Hosts has made me fruitful, that I should not be abandoned to despair in my great age.

19  Therefore, O Lord, because you have fulfilled the promise of your word when yet my soul wandered in desolation greatly doubting, you have established my feet upon the path of life; in the fullness of your grace have you filled me with richness.

20  In the shadow of your presence shall I be made to stand uprightly. Before the Lord, my Father, shall I be blessed in the kingdom of his glory.

21  For the love of God towards me has made that I should leap for joy; the son of my womb shall God surely keep as the apple of his eye.

22  Throughout countless generations shall God establish all his ways; with cords of righteousness shall he fulfill every word, that he might bind the godly as a seal upon his heart.”

23  And lifting her eyes toward Heaven, Sarah sang from the depths of her soul, saying: “And thou, great Mother, Spirit of comfort, blest, divine: descend thou upon me, and depart not.

24  Fill me to overflowing, that I might sing unto the children of men the song of all your wisdom.

25  Come, great Mother, most blessed of the heavenly hosts, and lift me nearer unto thee, and upon thy bosom shall I take rest, and in the folds of your arms shall I find great repose.

26  For I am as the tender bough made ready just for thee, breathe thou upon me, and I shall dance. Before all the nations of the earth shall I make known the greatness of your love.

27  Rejoice aloud, ye daughters of men, rejoice and sing aloud, for all your ways has the Mother established in joy and honor, that peace and grace might make comely your habitations.

28  Behold, now, how great the Mother is, even the Great Mother Spirit. For she draws up her robes round about her and it is night; she looses the string of her garment and it is day again.

29  Surely the stars are become as a crown upon her head, and the sun a jewel upon her heart.”

30  And Sarah sang unto all who were gathered there the songs of thanksgiving. And there was peace in the house of Abraham.

31  And Abraham dwelt joyfully beside the wife of his youth, and they did nurture Isaac unto manhood, teaching him in all the ways of God.

32  Now in the visions of the night, there came to Abraham an angel of the Lord, and he spoke to Abraham, saying: “Arise and prepare yourself. Go and wash yourself, make yourself clean before the Lord.

33  Put on fresh garments and anoint yourself with sweet oil, for on the morrow when the sun shall rise, from his bedchamber there shall come to you the very King of Heaven, even the King of Peace and Righteousness.”

34  So Abraham arose in the night and washed and made himself clean, and he put on clean robes and anointed himself with the sweet fragrance of frankincense and myrrh.

35  And when the sun arose, he went out from his tent and he saw sitting beneath the terebinth trees Melchizedek, even he who is High Priest forever after the order of Elohim.

36  Now Abraham went and bowed himself down before the King of Salem, and Melchizedek spoke unto him, saying: “Greetings to you, Abraham. Peace and blessing be upon your house forever.

37  Come now and arise. Sit here beside me, for I have many things to speak to you, that you might receive to yourself a full understanding concerning the ways of God.”

38  So Abraham arose and sat down beside the King of Heaven, and concerning all the mysteries of Heaven was he taught; by the very hand of God was he instructed in the knowledge of Heaven’s glory.

39  And when evening was come, when the land was filled with long shadows and the sun was weak upon the land, Melchizedek arose, and taking a horn of oil, anointed Abraham and ordained that he should be as a high priest and patriarch unto all his seed.

40  Thus was priesthood established among the children of men, whereby they might approach near unto the heart of God.”

41  Now these are the words which the Ancient of Days revealed unto the Teacher in mighty visions, when he came and stood before him on the mount.

42  And when all these things were accomplished, the Teacher went forth again among the children of promise and he did write the things which God had made known unto him;

43  That they might possess unto their souls the knowledge of God whereby they might establish among the nations of many people the tabernacle of peace.

44  And he commanded many that they should walk uprightly before the Lord of Hosts, that they might be to all the children of men as a mighty blessing.

45  And in the last day shall all the righteous receive unto their soul the assurance of hope, and they shall dwell in peace beside the throne of their Father, and he shall grant to them the power of eternal life, even worlds without end. Amen.