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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 50

Teaching on a hilltop – The great “I am” – Doing worship, finding refuge – The spirit of man – Multiple lives (reincarnation) – The slayer and the slain – On seeking spirituality


1  There gathered unto Yeshua by the sea, a great many disciples which numbered about five hundred souls; and sitting themselves down upon a hilltop, the Lord taught them, saying:

2  “Come, my children, and I will tell you of the wisdom that leads unto God, and of the goodness which leads unto exaltation.

3  Because of your faith, I shall tell you of the mysteries which are come from above; I shall reveal in you the secret of hidden things which no man knoweth, no, not in all Israel.

4  Rest your mind in me and be at peace within; let my word dwell richly in you; and I shall come upon you and there make my abode forever.

5  For whosoever will serve me with steadfast love, whether male or female, even they shall dwell beyond life and death, and in the bosom of God shall they repose; in the midst of great glory shall they sing forth praise.

6  For in me is the heart of the Father made manifest unto the whole world, being of itself eternal, unchanging, deathless, and everlasting; even the source of all joy and the fount of unending mercy.

7  Consider, therefore, what manner of man your Master is become: for, behold, I am the sacrifice and the sacrament; I am the offering which comes from above, and the fire which consumes it.

8  I am the balm which heals, and the medicine which makes well again the wounded soul. I am the light and the life which all men would seek for themselves, but are unable to find.

9  I am become the song which the maiden has sung to her Beloved, I am the oath which the man has given unto his betrothed for love’s sake.

10  Where then shall you flee away, or, unto what place shall you go that you might not find me?

11  For I am the fire which purifies, I am the flame which purges and makes clean again, but all things in God.

12  I am the Father which is come from above, in whose hand the Father has given all authority; all the scriptures do but speak of me; for I am their author; I am their wisdom.

13  Behold, I am the abode and the refuge of all men, the only true friend which will not forsake; I am the beginning and the ending; I am the staying and the going forth.

14  Upon the children of men do I look equally, for none are less dear to me than another, nor have I preferred one above another.

15  But those who worship me with love, these are they which live in me, and my life shall spring forth within them; for whosoever believes in me unto good works, unto them shall no harm come.

16  And whosoever would take refuge in me, even though he be burdened with a multitude of sin, him shall I make holy if it so be that he shall worship me with a steadfast love.

17  For all those which the mighty have scorned to cast aside, even these shall I gather unto myself, and I will make them choice above every other for righteousness sake.

18  Seeing, therefore, that all men are born unto trouble and perplexity while in this life, give forth of all your love unto me.

19  Fill your soul to overflowing with me, love me; worship me always; for if you will seek me always, then shall I come forth unto you and there will I make my abode forever.

20  If, therefore, you would attain unto God, seek me while I may yet be found; for all those which believe not, the same will not find me;

21  And they shall return again unto this world, passing from life to death to life again, even till they shall find me.

22  Come now, and to the affairs of this life give heed. For the wise grieve not for the living or the dead.

23  For in the beginning did your spirit dwell in the Paradise of the Father, from everlasting to everlasting. Fear not, therefore, those which are able to kill the body, for the spirit of man lives forever.

24  For the spirit of a man cannot be pierced by sword or burned by the fire; neither can deep waters drown it, nor strong winds carry it away.

25  For you are spirit, being eternal, everlasting, and infinite; ever standing and not cast down, being firmly rooted in the heart of the Father which loves you.

26  For the glory of the spirit have few beheld; for the spirit which dwells within you is eternal and cannot be harmed.

27  Therefore, grieve not for the body, what men shall do unto it; for death is appointed unto all the living, and life is apportioned unto all the dead.

28  For as a man will cast away an old garment so that he might attain unto a new one, even so does the spirit within cast away the body which is old and broken, that it might attain unto a new body wherein to dwell.

29  Be not, therefore, overwrought because of such changes as shall come upon you, for when you were children, then was the body strong and filled with life.

30  But when you are old, then shall the body be filled with death, being made weak and feeble. But fear not these things when they are come upon you, for you shall live again, even as you see me live again.

31  For that which is of the flesh, being weak and perishable, is given no reality; for reality is found in the eternal. Therefore, if you would lay hold upon that reality which is come from God, seek you always the eternal.

32  I tell you truly that the body is mortal indeed, but the spirit which dwells within you is immortal and cannot be measured. Therefore, be wise and fear not death any longer.

33  Consider now the delusions of this life: for one man believes that he is the slayer of another, and the other believes that he is the slain;

34  Yet are both become as ignorant, being neither slayer nor slain; for you were never born, you will never die; being unborn, eternal, immutable, indomitable, immeasurable, from everlasting to everlasting.

35  Seeing then that the spirit of man is eternal, how can you slay or cause another to slay?

36  Fear not the affairs of this life, neither be you attached to them; for the goal of all your labors do but lead you unto spiritual wisdom; and this is come from God.

37  For even a little effort in seeking the spiritual will enlighten you, to fill the soul with wonder; so fear not, for the path of a little effort is not wasted, and there is no failure to him who tries.

38  By your effort over many lifetimes will you be purified unto exaltation, and in the kingdom of God shall you dwell above the stars.”