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Pronunciation:  ah-KAHN-tay

Occurrences:  67
First Reference:
 3rd Endowment 4:5 (see: 3rd Endowment 4:1-18)


And unto the lands and palaces of Seti-Kahn was there given the name A’Kontay; being known throughout the regions round about as the place of blood.



See:  Drakonia, First Track, First Power, Seti-Kahn, Seti-Kahn (House of)


Summary:  During the First Track of the world of the First Power, A’Kontay was the premier military academy of the Northern Drakonian Empire. The Academy was established some four hundred years prior to the days of Kronus Maximillius (3:11:26). Seti-Kahn, Drakonia’s Supreme Military Commander, named his personal estate after the Academy, which he attended as a youth. It was within the walls of Seti-Kahn’s estate that Areta conceived and bore a son, later known as Kronus Maximillius. At the age of nine, the son of Areta was sent to the Military Academy of A’Kontay (3:7:35-59). The Chief Commander of the Academy, Manegus Acquilla, eventually came to respect and support Kronus, becoming his personal guardian and loyal protector.



Azrael’s Commentary - A’Kontay


The estate of Seti-Kahn, Supreme Commander of all military forces and third most powerful man within the Drakonian Empire. Seti-Kahn named his estate after the military academy which he attended as a youth. He did this not to honor his old school, but to remind him of his success in seeking revenge against his old instructors and classmates which he believed had failed him in some way (3:11:9-12). The estate of A’Kontay was located in present-day Winchester, Virginia, just eighty-five miles from the city of Trajenium. This estate lay just four miles outside the boundary of the Fen Magurah hunting preserve. The word A’Kontay does not mean: the place of blood (3:4:5). This appellation was given by the Praetorians who worked at A’Kontay and was meant to be a description of what went on there. As a child, Kronus would gaze at the hills and mountains of Fen Magurah and dream of freedom. He longed to escape with his mother and disappear into the wilderness of the great hunting preserve which was set aside for the enjoyment of the powerful, and leave behind the overwhelming cruelty and barbarism of his father’s house.





And unto the lands and palaces of Seti-Kahn was there given the name A’Kontay; being known throughout the regions round about as the place of blood.

For the stones of the walls and the stones of the great palace were fashioned, most strongly, of red granite; being heavily cut and firmly laid, causing that things should appear as covered in blood in the light of day.

And there roamed within the borders of the great wall, mighty dogs of war; weighing each, of themselves, some three hundred and fifty pounds; being bred for size and ferocity; having about their necks a collar of iron; being fed upon human flesh only.

Now in the fortress of A’Kontay was there made a large and separate house, surrounded by an iron fence; and within this house did there live in fearful dread, the three hundred women of Seti-Kahn.

3rd Endowment 4:5-8