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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 10

The wall and gardens of Zion – The temple of Zion – Duties of the High Priest and Priestess – The prosperity of Zion – Hazar- Gabatha and the gift of wine


1  So Zion dwelt in the land by the borders of Lake Ishan in peace. And the days of her glory were many, for Enoch taught the children of promise all the ways of God.

2  And the city of God spread itself upon the land, insomuch that it encompassed Lake Ishan round about. And there lived in the city some thirty thousand souls.

3  Now the walls of the city were of curious workmanship, for Adami was skilled above all the sons of Cain.

4  Therefore, he did build three walls around the city of peace, and the first wall stood 18 cubits in the air with a width of 12 cubits, and the second wall stood 24 cubits being also 12 cubits wide; and the third wall stood 30 cubits in the air being 20 cubits wide.

5  And the walls were made white as alabaster, and the gates of the city were made of brass, and the post thereof were covered with precious stones of amethyst, and over this was laid a lattice work of pure gold and silver.

6  And Zion did shine forth in great beauty, and all the children of men who beheld it were filled with wonder, for the dwellings and homes were of exceeding fine workmanship, and the glory thereof did surpass all the works of men.

7  Now Enoch adorned the city beyond measure, for he caused that there should be planted upon the walls of Zion, flowering trees of every kind, both for food and for shade, that the children of promise might gather themselves as often as they should desire upon the walls of the city, that they might know everyman his neighbor.

8  And throughout the city did Enoch place a variety of gardens, beautiful and pleasing to the eye, that in the cool of the day the hearts of all who lived therein might be refreshed from all their labors;

9  For it was Enoch’s desire to lift the souls of all the inhabitants of the city nigh unto the Father of their spirit, that they might come to a knowledge of that God who had given unto all who would the promise of life eternal.

10  And Enoch caused to be built in Zion a temple of the Lord, and he caused that it should be built of marble of exceeding whiteness; and on the north and south sides and on the east and west sides was the roof of the temple supported upon twelve pillars made blue with sapphire, and over these was laid a lattice work of gold and silver.

11  And the uppermost part of the temple was the second roof supported by seven pillars upon each side, and these also were made blue with sapphire and over these was also laid a lattice work of fine gold.

12  And Enoch caused that the borders of the first roof and the borders of the second roof should be overlaid with pure gold.

13  Now there were many craftsmen in Zion, and Adami taking these, fashioned for the temple, doors of bronze overlaid in gold. And he set them in the east portion of the temple, towards the rising of the sun.

14  Now the outer pavement of the temple did Enoch cause to be the color of vermilion, and the borders of the pavement did he make of gold.

15  Even so, within the borders of the temple grounds were there but two courts, for unto one would the sons of God come together in solemn assembly, that they might plead the cause of Zion before God.

16  And unto the second court would gather the daughters of Eve. Even all who were the mothers of Zion would come together in their assemblies, that they might receive unto their bosom the presence of the Heavenly Mother.

17  Now Enoch caused that the inner pavement of the temple should be made the color of sapphire, and this did he cause to be bordered in the finest silver.

18  Here unto would the high priestess come, even Bashia, to offer unto God the prayers of the people, and to plead their cause before him.

19  And the upper floor of the temple was overlaid in pure gold and in the center thereof was placed both altar and mercy seat, that hereunto could Enoch offer unto God a sweet fragrance on behalf of Zion the beautiful.

20  For once a year would Enoch take unto himself the transgressions of the people, that God might be gracious in the moment of need and heal the wounded soul.

21  Now the glory of Zion spread throughout the land, and there came forth unto the city a great multitude of people, for they desired to see for themselves the tabernacle of God.

22  And the inhabitants of Zion grew in grace and wisdom before the Lord, and among the children of God was there neither envy nor covetousness. For the designs of the Fallen One had no power over them to lead them to destruction.

23  And Zion prospered upon the land and the wealth of their goodness was beyond measure. For unto Zion would there come a multitude of merchants to purchase treasures of frankincense and myrrh, and cloth of blue and crimson, and olive oil, pure and sweet.

24  But the greatest of all the treasures of Zion was there none greater sought than the gift of wine. For hitherto was no wine made among the children of men, and the secrets of both grape and vineyard did no man know but one.

25  For there lived in the city of peace, a woman whose name was Hazar-Gabatha of the house of Gimel, the son of Abel and Yoshibel.

26  And she taught unto certain wise ones, all the skill of her trade, for she was a healer, dealing always in the secrets of both plants and herbs.

27  For wine is good as a medicine, making merry the heart, and soothing the stomach of many troubles.

28  For this cause was there given unto the inhabitants of Zion, a daily measure of wine, that they might eat their bread in joy. Yet was there no drunkenness among the children of promise. For each was held accountable unto God.

29  Now the woman, Hazar-Gabatha, caused that a variety of vineyards should be planted round about the walls of Zion, and the wine therefrom did she cause to be divided into two lots: for unto the temple would go the finest and the best;

30  And of the second lot would merchants come from the lands round about, from Calneh and Shinar, from Uruk beyond Tigris to Sumer would merchants come to purchase with gold and silver and all manner of precious stones the wines of Zion.

31  Thus was Zion made rich and prosperous above all the cities of the land. And Zion was blest of God for there dwelt therein the pure in heart, filled with compassion and mercy towards all men, upon the lands round about.