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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 9

Armies of Sumer lay siege against Zion – Bashia comforts Zion and confronts Yasher-Baal – Mighty men of Sumer grow fearful because of Bashia’s words – Yasher-Baal rebukes his army and threatens Bashia – A great wind scatters the armies of Sumer – Enoch returns to Zion


1  Now on the morrow there came against Zion the armies of Penuel, Dagos and Yasher-Baal; and they camped round about the city.

2  And day and night the armies did clamor loudly against the walls of the city with a loud voice, for they did beat their swords against their shields, and they did stamp their feet upon the ground.

3  And many did taunt and ridicule against Zion, saying: “Come forth, you favored of the Lord, come forth unto battle and prove your greatness to us, that we might know concerning the God of Zion.

4  For, behold, here we shall stand against you; let us see if your God is able to deliver in the midst of trouble and perplexity.”

5  Now when the inhabitants of the city saw and heard these things, they gathered themselves together to pray, for they desired that God should deliver them from the midst of their enemies.

6  And on the eighth day of siege, the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the woman, Bashia, in the midst of all the people.

7  And she called unto her Hypatia, the daughter of Geshur, and she called also unto her Adora of Abel-Beth-Haran. And they did come forth from among the people to stand beside Bashia.

8  And Bashia spoke thus unto the people of Zion, saying: “Behold, O Zion, how trouble has multiplied itself against you, yet fear not.

9  For though we be pressed hard upon every side, we are not defeated, for our God shall not forsake the righteous in the moment of their need.

10  Therefore, fear not, for this day shall the power of the Lord overshadow you, from his holy habitation shall he arise to defend you against the oppressor, that all who should be faithful to trust in the Lord might be restored unto the joy of life, for the mercies of God shall neither perish nor vanish away.

11  Therefore, gird yourself in the knowledge of the Lord, for this day shall he manifest himself unto the troubler at the gates, and he shall sweep away from before you the pridefulness of Sumer.”

12  Thus spoke Bashia unto the inhabitants of Zion, and when she had finished, she took Hypatia and Adora and went forth unto the camp of Yasher-Baal, that she might speak unto him the words of God.

13  Now when Yasher-Baal saw the beauty of Bashia, he lusted after her and would that he might possess her; yet before his captains of hundreds and his captains of thousands he did scorn her, for she was only a woman.

14  And he spoke unto her, saying: “Are there no men in Zion to come out against me? What great fear has possessed them to send women to me? Where is Enoch that he should not come from Zion to beseech me?”

15  And Bashia answered him, saying: “It is God who shall be our deliverance; therefore, hear and understand. Behold, the God of Heaven has set his hand against you, by the breath of his mouth shall he scatter you.”

16  Now when these words had been spoken, she stretched forth her hand and behold, there arose from Lake Ishan a small wind. And she spoke unto the captains of hundreds and unto the captains of thousands, saying:

17  “You men of war gird up your loins for battle, for behold, the Spirit of God has risen against you and there shall be none to deliver; for God shall sweep you from the fields of battle and you shall be left desolate and wounded, and shame shall be unto you as a covering.

18  And wherever you go the sons of men shall hiss against you to scorn, for with great and swelling words you did declare the desolation of Zion and with this host have you come forth to war against the innocent; yet shall all your might become as nothing before the Lord.

19  For you shall be filled with terror, and the strength of Yasher-Baal shall not be able to save you in the moment of distress; neither shall his great cunning make a way for your escape. And there shall come to your rescue no man, for your portion shall be bitterness and humiliation.

20  Therefore, hear and consider, you mighty men of war, how that before the coming of the sun tomorrow, you shall be swept away and scattered.

21  For against you has the God of Heaven sent forth the breath of his majesty, to deliver from before you the glory of Zion.”

22  And when she had said these things, there arose a great murmuring among many mighty and valiant, for they feared the words of Bashia lest they be made to come to pass, for she did withstand them with great boldness.

23  For though she did speak softly unto them, yet was there a hardness to her words, for she spoke with great assurance and much authority.

24  But when Yasher-Baal saw that his mighty ones were made to tremble before the words of Bashia, he spoke hotly against them, saying: “Shall you be made to fear because of the words of this woman?

25  Shall you be made to shake before the call to battle is given? What shall this woman or even this little wind do against the might of Sumer?

26  Look round about you. Are there not fifty thousand men dressed for war? How shall the prattling of this woman bring to naught the power of so many?”

27  And turning to Bashia, he spoke hotly, saying: “Woman, you are a witch whose words shall become as a snare unto you.

28  Hear now the words of your lord and king. Before the setting of the sun on the morrow, I shall strip away your pride and uncover you before all the hosts of Sumer, and I shall ravish you according to my will.

29  Go again unto the inhabitants of Zion and tell them the words of Yasher-Baal, for I shall hang the men of Zion from the walls thereof, and all the children of Zion shall I take captive unto Sumer.

30  And I shall cause all the daughters of Zion to be violated, and they shall mourn upon the ashes of the city, and all their pride shall I leave in ruin.”

31  So spoke lord Yasher-Baal unto Bashia, and she, gathering her skirts round about her, spoke sharply unto him, saying: “You braggart! Who has instructed you to strut like a dog before so many? You shall ravish no one.

32  Hear and understand my lord, Yasher-Baal: Before the sun shall rise again on the morrow, a greater wind than you shall fall upon these fifty thousand, and the might of Sumer shall be swept away.

33  And your ears shall be filled with the wailing and weeping of men and all your great speaking will be made to haunt you.”

34  And thus speaking Bashia went again unto Zion and there walked beside her Hypatia and Adora. And she commanded that the gates of the city be closed, and many of the inhabitants gathered upon the walls to watch the coming of the deliverance of the Lord.

35  Now when it was evening, the heavens grew dark and lowering, and there came a great wind upon the land. And the clouds did come nigh unto the earth, for they were heavy with the indignation of God.

36  And when it was night, there came from Heaven great and mighty whirlwinds and they did fall upon the camps of Yasher-Baal, Penuel, and Dagos, and there was great destruction. And the children of Zion heard great lamentation and weeping, insomuch that the armies of Sumer did flee in terror.

37  And they did scatter themselves abroad upon the land, for each man sought to escape the wrath of God, and in the morning was the land swept clean before the walls of Zion.

38  Thus was the desolation of Yasher-Baal accomplished by the hand of God, insomuch that in the cover of night did Yasher-Baal come again unto Sumer, that the children of men might not see his shame and reproach him.

39  And from that day forth, he rested neither night nor day, for he brooded continually against Zion.

40  And Enoch returned to Zion and was told all that had happened in the city. And there was great rejoicing, for God had delivered the righteous.

41  And in the midst of great joy did Adami and Bashia bring forth their daughter Marisa unto Azotus, and he loved her all the days of his life.