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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 17

The second siege of Zion – Ancient of Days in the Holy of Holies – Message of deliverance – God’s forbearance towards the wicked – Treasures on the temple steps – Heavenly Mother comes to Bashia – Saving the Matriarchal Priesthood – Japhia the wife of Methuselah – Bashia prepared to meet Yasher-Baal


1  So Yasher-Baal marched with all the hosts of Sumer towards Zion, and when they drew near, they encamped themselves round about, and he did lay siege to the city of God, believing surely that he could overcome it by the power of his might.

2  But Enoch, upon seeing the armies of Sumer, went into the temple, and there in the Holy of Holies the Ancient of Days appeared unto him above the altar. And he spoke to Enoch, saying:

3  “Consider, O son of man, how evil has encamped itself round about you, that it might make desolate the dwelling place of the godly, that it might lift up the hand of war against the peaceful habitation.

4  Therefore, hear now the word of your God who in the beginning did call you forth to labor, that you may gather from among many people the seekers of God; that you might build with them the beautiful city, even the city of peace.

5  Now be not fearful of the mighty who rage against you, neither be afraid of the evil which has come upon the righteous, for it is not against you that they have set their hand to war, but against me have they come forth to battle.

6  For they who dwell in the midst of wickedness, who have made abomination as a highway whereupon to tread are made to rage against the righteous continually, for the good which you desire to do among the children of men, even this does convict the wicked of transgression before the people.

7  For this cause have they come up against you, to remove from before the eyes of men the indictment of the Lord, for behold, I the Lord am holy, and in wickedness I do not delight.

8  Wherefore, seeing that I delight in righteousness, the sons of disobedience have come up against you, for your holiness before me is an offense unto them who seek only to satisfy the lusts of the flesh.

9  Yet wherein shall I deliver you from the evil which has come forth to devour the godly? Shall I, even the Lord of Heaven and earth, deliver with sword and fire? Shall I lift up my hand to consume the wicked while they are yet in their sins?

10  Will the wicked be made to repent at the hand of violence and awful wrath? Shall I be satisfied to cause the wicked to tremble before the greatness of my fury? How then shall they desire the holy, seeing that I have made them to fear and tremble so?

11  Wherein shall they be made to love the good and seek after righteousness, seeing that terror follows hard after them, which thing shall cause them to shake before the name of that God who, from the beginning, loved them even as a father loves his only child?

12  Behold and consider greatly how the souls of the wicked are made to hunger, for they know not the Lord their God, neither do they desire to seek after him that he might deliver them unto life everlasting.

13  Wherefore, seeing that I delight not in the death of the wicked, shall I fail to deliver the godly in the moment of distress? Shall I not stretch forth my hand to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man?

14  Yet shall your God deliver you and all this people, that perchance the wicked might see the salvation of the Lord and be made to wonder continually. Perchance, then, they might seek the Lord while he may yet be found.

15  Therefore, call unto all the people of Zion that they might gather themselves before me. And let all who herein abide come into the temple of the Lord, for I shall deliver the children of promise from the hand of Yasher-Baal.

16  For I shall bring Yasher-Baal to account for the evil of his ways; even the might of his glory shall I cause to become as nothing.

17  For I shall give unto him this day all the desires of his heart, that in the midst of every good thing he might find himself desolate and wanting.

18  Consider how that many desire to possess unto themselves the things of this world, and when they have acquired, they find therein no satisfaction to the soul, and they become as men most miserable.

19  Go now throughout the city and bring forth unto me the children of promise, even all them who have made with me a covenant by sacrifice, for this day shall I exalt all who desire high above the vain imaginings of this world, that they might find rest in the bosom of God.”

20  Now Enoch went and did as the Lord commanded, and he called unto all the inhabitants of Zion that they should go forth unto the temple.

21  And he commanded also that whatsoever thing they possessed of great value, even this should they bring forth, that they might deliver unto the lord of Sumer great treasures.

22  Thus were the people of Zion brought by the Spirit of God up to the house of the Lord, and they laid upon the porch of the temple great treasures, for they did bring forth as an offering great quantities of gold and silver, and many ingots of copper and tin.

23  And they brought forth baskets filled with precious stones, even of amethyst and beryl, emeralds and sardius, and there was much jasper and topaz, onyx and sapphire in abundance.

24  Wherefore, unto all this were added spices and herbs of every kind, and dyes of purple and crimson and cloth to match with these, and they placed upon the porch of the temple also, great jars filled with the oil of frankincense and myrrh. And the court of the temple did they fill to overflowing with the fruit of the vine, with wine most precious and rare.

25  All these things did the inhabitants of Zion bring forth to the temple, that they might give freely to Yasher-Baal, for it was Enoch’s desire that the king of Sumer should possess for himself all the riches of this world.

26  Yet in the temple did Bashia stand before God, that she might offer up for the daughters of Zion the prayers and supplications of the gentle heart, and there was with her Hypatia the daughter of Geshur, and Adora of Abel-Beth-Haran.

27  And while they were praying, behold, there came unto them a woman of great and exceeding beauty, being filled continually with mercy and holiness, even the Mother of Heaven.

28  And there was round about her a great light, and under her feet was a pavement of blue like unto sapphire, and there flowed from her hand the glory of eternity, which thing did shine forth upon them, and they were filled with exceeding wonder.

29  And there attended unto her a host of Cherubim and Seraphim, and there encircled them round about the fires of Kolob that there might not approach unto them any unclean thing.

30  Wherefore, the temple was filled with the brightness of Heaven’s glory, and there was heard round about the house of the Lord the singing of the heavenly hosts, and all who dwelt in Zion heard with their ears the beautiful song, and outside the walls of the city did the armies of Yasher-Baal hear also, and they were filled with wonder.

31  Now the great Mother of Heaven spoke unto Bashia from the midst of the temple, saying:

32  “Greetings unto you, my daughters, and fear not, for I have come from the presence of the great Father, that I might fill you with many blessings, that I might give into your keeping great wisdom and counsel.

33  Behold now the Beloved of Michael, even the Ancient of Days, and doubt not. For I am Sher-el of Valhaladea, even Eve the mother of all living.

34  Hear now and take heart, for the deliverance of Zion has God assured before all the councils of Eloheim. But consider, my daughters, who shall there be to deliver the men of Sumer from the ways of Yasher-Baal?

35  For behold, God shall take from the earth the hosts of Zion. Yet though the Lord shall cause that Zion should flee away from the world of men, even so he has appointed Methuselah, the son of Enoch, to remain, that the priesthood of the Father might not perish from before the children of men.

36  But consider even now, my daughters, how that Methuselah is alone upon the land, for the wife whom God gave that she might be as a wife unto him is made to dwell in Zion.

37  Is it good that she should flee away, that Methuselah might dwell alone upon the earth? Shall I be made to rejoice, seeing that the priesthood of the great Mother is no longer among the daughters of men.

38  Therefore, go forth unto Japhia and speak to her the words which the Spirit of God shall cause to come upon you. For I desire that the priesthood of the Heavenly Mother continue upon the earth.

39  And I shall give unto her this promise, that I shall cause her to be fruitful and she shall be blessed of many for I shall give her great understanding in the ways of men, and I shall grant her a fullness of heavenly powers, that she might offer unto God, all the hopes, prayers, and longings of the daughters of men.

40  And whomsoever the sons of her womb shall take to wife, even unto these shall she teach the ways of godliness, that she might ordain them unto this priesthood forever.

41  Thus shall the priesthood of God remain among the children of men, that they might find unto themselves every good thing which God desires to give.

42  For the blessings of God are given unto all, that they might be satisfied from want, for surely God shall fill them to overflowing, and the joys of Heaven shall distill upon their souls as the dew from Heaven, and therewith shall the children of men find contentment and great gain.

43  Therefore shall holiness enfold the obedient in the wisdom of God, and the spirit of God’s glory shall fill them with peace everlasting, and they shall have an abundance of joy, for unto them will be given the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven.

44  For the promise is given and the way established forever, that whosoever shall seek after wisdom shall find to their greater joy the soul of that God who in the beginning breathed into man the breath of life.

45  And he shall lead them always until they receive all that the Father and Mother desire to give them, even until the fullness of their glory is made to shine upon them unto exaltation in the kingdom of God.

46  Wherefore, unto all who shall have desires to come to a knowledge of their God, let them seek not after the riches of this world, neither trouble themselves concerning the vain imaginings of men, for in the wisdom of God is there great gain, and all who shall be diligent to lay hold upon eternal life, even therein shall they find treasures in abundance.

47  Insomuch that all the great things of the earth shall be as dross when compared to the things which God desires to bestow upon the righteous, and all the praise and glory of men shall be as the wind which knows not its place.

48  Now, therefore, give ear unto your Heavenly Mother, for I shall send you forth from the city of peace, and I shall cause you to stand before the king of Sumer, that you might make known to him the ways of God, that he might repent of all his wickedness and be saved by that Father who in the beginning loved him.

49  And you shall take no thought for what you shall say to him, for it shall be given you in the moment of your need the words which you shall speak.

50  Wherefore, be strong in the Lord your God, and fear not the might of the oppressor, for your God is greater than the fury of the ungodly, and his mercy towards you is from everlasting to everlasting.”