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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 18

Bashia meets Yasher-Baal again – Yasher-Baal demands to know what is wanted – Bashia pleads for the people of Zion – Yasher-Baal scorns Bashia and vows to destroy both city and people – Bashia bargains for the life of Japhia – Yasher-Baal consents, Bashia surrenders Zion – The sureness of Bashia


1  Now when these words were spoken, behold, Bashia did take Hypatia the daughter of Geshur and Adora of Abel-Beth-Haran, and they did go out to meet the king of Sumer, and with them also did they take Japhia, the wife of Methuselah.

2  Now these four did approach boldly the soldiers of the king, and some, seeing Bashia grew fearful, for they remembered aforetime.

3  Nevertheless, she did command that they should bring her and the other women to speak unto Yasher-Baal, which thing they did with much haste.

4  Wherefore, when the king heard that certain women had come out from Zion to speak with him, and that the name of one was Bashia, the high priestess of God, he did glory, for it was his desire to humiliate her before the gates of Zion.

5  But when he came out to meet the women of Zion, they did all kneel before him in great humility, which thing did cause Yasher-Baal to marvel, for upon seeing Bashia, he was moved by her great beauty, notwithstanding her many years.

6  And he spoke to her, saying: “For what purpose have you come to me? Have you come forth again to threaten me with whirlwinds in the night? Why have you and not Enoch come to me?

7  Know you not that in but a few days I shall breach these walls to destroy the city of peace, and that I shall slay all the inhabitants thereof?

8  Behold, even now have I promised to give the city to my mighty ones, that it should be a possession unto them forever.

9  Why have you come out to speak to Yasher-Baal, seeing that I fear neither God nor man? Wherewith shall you speak? What words shall you use which will cause the king of Sumer to shake with fear and trembling?”

10  Now when Yasher-Baal had finished speaking, Bashia arose from the ground and entreated him, saying:

11  “Hear, my lord, the words which I shall speak unto you this day, for, behold, your fame and greatness is known throughout all the land.

12  Where, O king, shall Zion be delivered from the hand of Yasher-Baal, seeing that we are weak in war, for among all the sons of Zion is there not found one who will lift up the sword against you.

13  For this cause came I forth unto you, that I might beseech you to be gracious to your humble servants.

14  For, behold, we desire not that any man among you should suffer injury in taking the city of God.

15  Therefore, O king, I have come to you, that perchance you might be gracious unto the inhabitants of Zion. For why will you kill the innocent, seeing that they have done you no harm?”

16  When Yasher-Baal heard these words, he mocked Bashia to scorn, saying: “Is this the woman who walked boldly in the shadow of her God these many years ago?

17  Is this not the high priestess of God who called upon the armies of Sumer the judgments of wind and storm? Are you not that Bashia who in the beginning came forth from Zion with indignation upon your lips?

18  Why will you ask for mercy now? Is your God no longer able to save you or the city from the might of Sumer? Tell me, woman, what part does Enoch have in your conspiring?

19  Why do you come to offer unto me the lives of my men in exchange for mercy? Are they not soldiers? Why should I halt in the moment of battle for the sake of the lives of these many men?

20  Behold, I am Yasher-Baal the son of Cain, who was the son of Adam. What care have I for the lives of men, seeing that they are weak and loathsome?

21  What does it matter that the innocent are made to perish in the war for power and dominion, seeing that I shall take again my glory before the gates of Zion?”

22  And Bashia spoke to him, saying: “Great lord, hear the words which I speak unto you and learn wisdom, for I came not unto you in weakness and fear as you have supposed, but rather that the city of peace might be spared the fury of your wrath.

23  For why should the glory of Zion be made to perish from before the eyes of men, seeing that it is beautiful above all the cities of the earth?

24  Wherefore, grant unto the inhabitants of Zion a portion of your mercy, that the city of God might continue, though the people thereof be made to perish.”

25  But Yasher-Baal spoke with scorn to the woman, saying: “Am I so weak that one such as you would receive mercy from my hand? Now hear the words of the lord and king of Sumer.

26  I shall grant unto the inhabitants of Zion neither mercy nor peace, for not many days hence shall I break in pieces the walls of the city, and I will kill all the inhabitants thereof.

27  What does it matter to me if a thousand of the mighty perish, if it so be that I might make desolate the holy habitation?

28  What can you offer me, seeing that on the day that Zion falls I shall find you, and drag you before the men of Sumer and I shall spread myself upon you to ravish and to plunder according to my will?

29  Speak not of mercy for it is an offense unto me. For the law is given that the strong alone shall rule in dominion and might, while the weak and the fallen are left alone to beg mercy from those who have none to give.

30  But, Bashia, if it be mercy for you, ask on the day that I shall cause you to be made subject unto me, for surely in that day I shall uncover you before the God of Heaven; perchance he shall be merciful unto you and come forth from his hiding place to save you.”

31  And Bashia spoke to him, saying: “My lord, the words which you speak are hard and grievous to bear.

32  For now I know that in you there is no mercy towards Zion. Therefore, give ear to the words of my mouth, for I shall set before you all the glory of Zion.

33  For if you will grant unto me some little favor, I shall cause that on the third day hence the gates of the city shall be opened unto you and all the hosts of Sumer also, and all the treasures of the city shall I cause to be placed before you upon the steps of the temple.

34  And you shall take the city of Zion unto you in great glory, and the fame of Yasher-Baal shall increase upon all the face of the earth.

35  For when the children of men are made to see the shame of Zion, they shall fear you greatly, and unto whatsoever city you set your face, surely they shall seek peace from your hand.

36  Only grant unto Bashia this request, for if you shall be gracious unto me this once, then surely in that day shall you grow in glory exceeding, and then shall the hearts of men and of gods grow fearful at the mention of your name, for you shall possess mighty treasures, and your dominion shall cover even all the earth.”

37  Now Yasher-Baal was pleased when he heard these words, for he was great in vanity, and he spoke to her, saying:

38  “Do you seek to bargain for your life, Bashia, and these women also? Let these others go, for they are nothing to me, but you shall not flee away from Zion until I have possessed you.”

39  And Bashia answered, saying: “My lord, for myself I plead not, neither for Hypatia nor Adora’s sake do I beseech you, only that you will assure safe passage for the woman Japhia, for we desire that the remembrance of Zion be not blotted out from before the children of men.

40  Wherefore, O king, let her pass safely through the midst of your armies unhindered, that she might go throughout the lands round about, and weep for the city of peace. For if you slay all the inhabitants of the city, who shall there be to lament our passing?”

41  So Yasher-Baal consented unto Bashia, and he commanded that a company of soldiers attend Japhia that no harm should come to her, for it was his desire that Japhia be taken beyond the lands of Sumer in safety.

42  And when these things were completed, Bashia called unto Hypatia the daughter of Geshur, and Adora of Abel-Beth-Haran that they might go again unto the city.

43   But as they turned to go, Yasher-Baal spoke to Bashia, saying: “Woman, know this, that three days hence I shall enter the city, and I shall have you before many witnesses.”

44  And Bashia spoke, saying: “My lord, truly I speak to you, that on the third day hence, the gates of Zion shall be opened unto you and all the hosts of Sumer, and if it so be that you find me, I shall willingly give myself to you.”

45  Now when these words were spoken, Bashia turned and went again unto the beautiful city.

46  And all the men round about the king marveled at the sureness of her way, for Bashia possessed great wisdom and beauty, insomuch that there was none that could compare with her among all the daughters of men.