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Chapter 21

Judas reports to Caiaphas – The plan to kill Yeshua outside Israel – Judas becomes the assassin – The death of Judas also plotted – Saving a crucified man near Khirbet Shimon – Yeshua enters Tyre – Healing the daughter of a Gentile woman – The sisters Maximilla and Prisca – Yeshua teaches and heals in the gardens of Jakobis


1  Now when the Feast of the Law was come, there came unto Jerusalem Judas of Kerioth; for he was numbered among the Seventy which the Lord had sent throughout the regions round about.

2  And Judas went straightway into the temple that he might make some report concerning that Nazarene of whom all Israel spoke.

3  And when he was come unto the temple, he entered into the secret chamber of the chief priests and scribes;

4  And there gathered to hear him the High Priest, Joseph Caiaphas; and with him also were Ananus Ben Seth his father-in-law, Ismael Ben Phali, Eleazar Ben Haman, Simon Ben Kambith, and Jonathan Ben Ananus.

5  For they sought eagerly to find some way whereby they might kill Yeshua secretly.

6  So Judas told them all which the Master did throughout all Galilee and in the cities of Decapolis;

7  How that he had raised the dead and cast out demons by the power of his word, and how that many which were lame were made to walk again, and they which were blind were made to see, and the lepers were made clean every whit.

8  But when many which were of his disciples heard the words which Yeshua spoke concerning the Gentiles, they grew angry with him and would no more follow after him.

9  For this cause did the Nazarene leave Galilee to go unto the lands of Tyre and Sidon, that he might teach among the heathen the words which God had given him to speak.

10  Now when the High Priest heard these things, he laughed greatly and turning to his brethren he said:

11  “Now is the way prepared for us that we might kill him. For is it not known in all Judea that no prophet dies except in his own land? Let us send Judas unto Tyre and Sidon;

12  That when he has found again this troublesome Jew, he might kill him in a strange and foreign land.”

13  But when Judas heard this he would not consent, for he feared lest God should put forth the hand to destroy him.

14  When, therefore, Caiaphas saw that Judas was fearful, he ridiculed him to scorn, saying:

15  “Why will you fear the killing of this pretender? Are you not of the Sicarii which struts and boasts throughout all Israel that you fear neither God nor man?

16  Go then unto Tyre and Sidon and prove yourself unto us. And when you have found again this Nazarene, kill him, and we will pay you well.

17  For if by your hand this Yeshua die in a foreign land, how then can he be come from God?

18  For you know yourself how that no man which is a prophet will die except he be in his own land. Why then will you fear?

19  For if by your hand you fail us and Yeshua live, how then shall God be offended against you? Shall he not lay the sin against us instead?

20  And if by your hand he perish, what wrong have you done against God, seeing that you but removed from Israel this false prophet which has come to trouble us?”

21  These then are the words which Caiaphas spoke, and Judas, believing in his words, went unto Joppa to take ship unto Lebanon.

22  And all they which conspired with Caiaphas took oath whereby they should tell no man of the Sanhedrin concerning the sending forth of Judas unto Tyre and Sidon.

23  And when Judas was gone out from the room, Caiaphas asked all them which were gathered there concerning that reward which should be given unto Judas for the death of the Nazarene.

24  And Ananus, being filled with bitterness always, spoke, saying: “What just reward shall we give a murderer except death?”

25  Thus did the council agree secretly to kill Judas of Kerioth if it so be that he cause to perish the prophet which was come from Galilee.

26  Now in Caesarea Philippi did Yeshua sit daily in the market place, teaching always the coming forth of the kingdom of Heaven.

27  And many believed on him, and when he was completed, he took journey unto the city of Tyre.

28  Now when Yeshua had passed through the town of Khirbet Shimon, he saw by the way a man which was crucified; being bound to the cross by ropes strong and fresh.

29  And seeing that the man was yet alive, he commanded that his disciples release him.

30  But one answered him, saying: “Not so Lord, for this man is a thief and you know also the penalty you must suffer if you save him.

31  For Vitellius which is governor of Syria has decreed the death against any man which should take down the crucified before they are dead.”

32  But when Yeshua heard this, he said: “Give me the sword which you have hidden away.”

33  And taking the sword, Yeshua cut asunder the cords which held fast the one which was crucified.

34  And being let down upon the ground, the Lord comforted him and strengthened him, and from that day the man followed after the Nazarene, being ever faithful unto him.

35  Now Yeshua came unto the city of Tyre, and entering into the Gates of the King, there came seeking after him a certain widow from the city.

36  For it was known throughout the whole place aforetime, how that a great prophet was come up unto the city from Galilee of the nations.

37  And seeing beside the waters of Meshuallameth, the disciples of the Lord, she came unto them, saying:

38  “Tell me truly whether or not you are come up from Galilee.” And the disciples answered her, saying: “We are come from Galilee.”

39  And the woman, weeping many tears, said: “Where then shall I find among you the Master? For, behold, my daughter is grievously ill.”

40  But one of the disciples, hearing this, being young and recently come from Caesarea Philippi, spoke unto her, saying:

41  “Go away Gentile and disturb not the Lord, for he is at rest. Did you not know that so great a prophet as he is come but unto the house of Israel only?

42  Be gone with you; for it is not good to take the children’s bread and cast it unto the dogs.”

43  So spoke the disciple which knew not the heart of the Master, and the woman, hearing this, wept aloud.

44  But there came upon the disciples a voice which spoke, saying: “Deal not harshly with the fallen, neither crush you the wounded soul.

45  For I tell you truly, that even the dogs are permitted to eat the crumbs which fall from the children’s table.”

46  And the disciples when they heard the voice, turned aside everyone to see, and they saw the Lord sitting beside the waters, and he, seeing the woman, was filled with compassion because of her.

47  And when she saw him, she came and knelt before the Lord, saying: “Are you that prophet which is come up from Galilee?” And he answered her, saying: “I am the man.”

48  And the woman said: “O Lord, have mercy upon me; for, behold, my daughter is grievously ill, being possessed of many demons.

49  Come, therefore, O Lord, and help me; speak but a word and she shall be healed of great affliction.”

50  Then did the Master answer her, saying: “Woman, great is your faith. Let it be according to the desires of your heart.”

51  And the woman, going again unto her own house, rejoiced greatly, for her daughter was healed in the selfsame hour.

52  Now when it was about noon-day, there approached unto Yeshua two sisters which were twins, whose names were Maximilla and Prisca.

53  And they entreated the Lord that he should come and stay in the house of their father, for they desired to honor the prophet which was come up out of Galilee.

54  So the Lord went in unto the house of Jakobis, a wealthy merchant dealing in purple, and Maximilla and Prisca ministered unto the Lord and his disciples continually.

55  And all Tyre, when they heard how that Yeshua had healed the woman’s daughter which was possessed of demons, came unto the gardens of Jakobis to see him.

56  And he taught them concerning the coming forth of the kingdom of Heaven unto all men; and of the Nazarene did all men have regard.

57  For he was filled with goodness unto all which came unto him, whether Greek or Jew, slave or freeman, rich or poor, even all these did he make alike unto God.

58  And they which were sick did he heal, and they which had no knowledge did he fill to overflowing with an abundance of wisdom, and all they which were troubled of soul did he comfort with all tender affection.

59  Thus did his fame increase daily in the streets and market places of Tyre. And all they which wondered because of him, spoke continually of him unto all which they met.