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Fallen One


Occurrences:  38

First Reference:  Beginnings 2:39


And when Lucifer had finished speaking, Cain withdrew from him that he might consider all the words which had been spoken unto him by the Fallen One.


See:  Fallen (the), Immediate Recompense, Lucifer, Rutheniel, Shaemdiel


Summary:  This appellation is used in scripture to designate Shaemdiel (aka Lucifer), the former Chief Archon of Elohim who, after committing various acts of prideful disregard and violent rebellion against God, was evicted from the kingdom of Heaven and made to dwell in the realms of the First Cosmos on the world of the First Power. This environment was unique in part because it was where the Demiurgos had established their dominion.


Shaemdiel was elated to discover evolutionary modern humans on the world of the First Power, and set about establishing his own dispensations based on his Law of Immediate Recompense (E:11:1-27; 6:4:3-40). Thus began a heated conflict between Shaemdiel and the Demiurge prince, Jehovah-Yahweh, who both sought dominion over early humankind.


Shaemdiel and his lineage interacted with primitive humans for perhaps several thousands of years prior to the advent of Adam and Eve and the first dispensation (c. 12,775 BCE). The arrival of the Adaam interrupted Shaemdiel’s plans for the human race, as the Enoshahim (evolutionary humans) began to prefer the gentle wisdom of Adam and Eve over the often condescending judgments of Shaemdiel (6:8:3-9). Hoping Adam and Eve would abandon their cause, Shaemdiel shifted his focus from influencing the Enoshahim, to that of fighting against the Adaam and the dispensations of God.


Thus did Shaemdiel withdraw from the affairs of men whereby he might plot against Adam and Eve, to make their life a drudgery filled with hurt and constant disappointment; being himself intent in frustrating the designs of God causing that Heaven itself should call surcease and return themselves from whence they came;

Leaving to Shaemdiel this world of the First Power, to make him lord and master in directing and guiding the very Enoshahim whereby he might continue in working dispensations of his own design; having himself, through cunning contraventions, expelled the very Adaam.

6th Endowment 8:8-9


Shaemdiel made considerable efforts to hinder the Adaam in their efforts to establish the dispensations of God. Scriptural examples of his antagonistic influence during the first two dispensations include: the murder of Abel, the rise of Cain and the Sumerian Empire, and the violent reign of Yasher-Baal (see Beginnings). The Fallen One also played a direct role in the temptation of Abraham and Sarah, resulting in the birth of Ishmael by Abraham’s handmaiden, Hagar (B:27:33-54). Throughout his endeavors on the world of the First Power, Shaemdiel is typically referred to in scripture as Lucifer or the Fallen One.



Beginnings 21                    The Fallen One confronts Michael


Beginnings 23:29-58          The Fallen One contends against Noah on Mount Ararat



Points of Interest


•  Soon after arriving in the First Cosmos, Shaemdiel was given the name ‘Lucifer’ by the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh (E:10:34).


•  The 2nd Endowment portrays an event in which Shaemdiel and his sons and daughters are rescued from the custody of the Demiurge, and redeemed from their ‘fallen’ state (2:12:1-61).






Consider then the falling down of Shaemdiel, for he being a mighty prince, being himself Chief Archon did fall from Heaven’s glory; becoming himself cast out, and many children with him.

For his offense was born of an overzealous pride; which pride caused that he should act against his quorum as though he alone were wiser; to become himself impatient and filled with deep contempt against the very Gods which loved him. [...]

And so it was decided the path which we would take, permitting that Shaemdiel should follow after the pride of his heart; which pride caused that he should seek to war against the Celestial Kingdom, even as Yaldabaoth did war against Olaha Shinehah;

Having himself been seduced by the dark reasonings of the Lord of Chaos to see in the glories of the highest realms something paltry and thinly pale; becoming himself fearful and filled with anger against the workings of Hodos Alea whereby he might supplant it with another, made of his own devising.

6th Endowment 1:22-23, 29-30


For even the Fallen did know that the world whereon they dwelt was unmade by God; having themselves laid claim upon it whereby they might prove the worthiness of Shaemdiel their Father.

Believing as they might that in the working of their dispensations might they reclaim the glory which now seemed lost, to reside as victors within the Heavens, having put to shame the very Elohim which once had cast them out.

6th Endowment 7:61-62


29. Now when Lucifer saw the things which Adam and Eve did for the benefit of man, he became most jealous and filled with envy;

30. For the children of Enosh had he claimed for himself whereby he might prove the better way; yet when he saw that Adam and Eve would take to their bosom the seed of God to instruct them, he was swallowed up in bitterness against them.

31. Now, in time, Adam and Eve likewise produced after their likeness, children of light and beauty and these, also, began to mingle among the children of Enosh to instruct them.

32. And gathering about him the angels of his following, Lucifer spoke unto them, saying: “Hear, my children, and be not fearful, neither be you doubtful of my designs because of this coming forth of Adam and Eve.

33. For in this world beyond beginnings is Heaven made to dwell far beyond, and the glory of all Elohim has the endless Deep made separate and apart through the closing of countless veils of dark obscurity.

34. Upon what power, therefore, shall Adam and Eve make supplication if it so be that I should go forth to trouble and vex them sorely?

35. For I shall set hard my hand against the whole of their design, to sow enmity between the house of Adam and the children of Enosh.

36. For against the seed of Adam shall I set forth a cunning deceit whereby I might tempt them unto misery and sin;

37. And seeing that evil shall be multiplied against them, then shall they surely relent and flee again unto the heavenly place; and the children of Enosh shall I take again unto myself whereby I might prove the rightness of my way.”

38. So spoke Lucifer who knew not the powers of The One; neither could he rightly perceive the designs of God.

39. And going forth he did tempt the seed of Adam to sin and death, and there was multiplied a great many sorrows upon the earth.

40. Yet would the seed of Adam not relent nor flee away, but pressed ever onward in the world of the First Power; seeking by some subtle means to establish in the heart of First Man the seeds of endless life.

Enlightenment 13:29-40


And turning away, Lucifer went again to the earth, and throughout all the dispensations of time he wandered among the children of men, seeking to find some means whereby he might justify himself.

And evil increased among the children of men, and notwithstanding they were made as one house before God, they did war continually one against the other.

Thus, many were made subject to the passions of the evil one, for they were made to rebel against God because of a multiplicity of sorrows which Lucifer caused to fall upon the children of men.

Beginnings 23:56-58

Fallen (the)
Father (Azraella)